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So...half a million, eh?

Considering what I've done, which is just simply writing stuff and all...I honestly have no clue whatsoever when it comes to why me in particular deserves to be on the spotlight for this long on this special website and...I'm beyond baffled!

Thank You

Even though my Why anime? collections have been paused atm, you guys still somehow find interest in my info-articles I write for fun and just to share my thoughts.

Thank You

Thank you for recognising that Quality always goes over Quantity and that you have found value in the stuff I've written. //VoidX X

So, you guys have any questions about me or a challenge for Half A Million Views? :)

I'll happily answer any questions you might have in the comments below :)

Oh, and I was asked why I have the "//" at the end of all my posts (excluding my FGFs)

In programming, every line you write, the program recognises and proceeds to take action from. If you want to leave an explanation of some sorts, like why you added this line here or what this line does to the overall program, you either add the text like this: /IRRELEVANT TEXT/ Or like this: //IRRELEVANT TEXT This is so that for everything I write, I always want to exclude myself from my info-articles as it is not me personally who is at the point of focus, yet I want to leave my mark there to attribute the original authour (being me...XD)
High five!!!
Hmmmm....a question....:P not right now!! Just keep doing you :)
Nice one NAKAMA!!
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