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Okay so theory 2... All the way back to when the "BTS Begins" posters came out Big Hit tweeted:"#BTS concert solo posters! Everyone is smiling brightly, but doesn't Jin look so serious? We want to know what the hidden story is!" Which singles him out from the rest of the band whos posters are of them having fun and playing games while Jin has the very simply and serious poster above of him taking pills making him the odd one out.
So it's already pointed out Jin was being singled out. But I'm going to hop over to "I Need U." It seemed like almost everyone had died at the end when Jimin had drowned himself, Suga burning down his house and him with it, J-Hope overdosing, Rap Monster dies at the gas station, and Jungkook getting hit by the car. But not V or Jin had died yet.
Now going back to Jin, because he was the one who was the odd one out from the beginning. The lily on him means something very important to this theory because white lilies are usually in Korea associated which innocence and purity. But white lilies also are widely known for being associated with death. Koreans have a thing called death by white lilies, where the overwhelming scent of white lilies can kill someone trapped in a room full of them. So jin isn't dead quite yet but it gives you a strong hint from the very beginning of "I Need U."
Now I am at the beginning of the prologue which follows after the end of "I Need U," (and in this picture it shows it,) only six out of the members showed up to V asking for help, when he called at the end of "I Need U." Jin isn't there yet though. Throughout the prologue Jin is filming it until he does make an appearance and when he does Jungkook was surprised to see Jin and said along the lines of "Hey, long time no see!" And as for the other members they are incredibly happy to see Jin as well.
We have finally arrived at butterfly! ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)
Okkkaayyy so Jin througout the scenes is sometimes surrounded by butterflies. And as some people know butterflies are a symbol of death souls; ad they surround Jin a lot makes since, huh? So in Butterfly Jin is the only one with real butterflies. Jungkook has a butterfly kite and a butterfly print shirt, while Namjoon has a butterfly tattoo. During the video Jin looks really concerned even though all he appears to be doing is filming his friends horsing around.( you can make a J-Hope or Jean-aot/snk joke I guess) Perhaps this is the first point where we see Jin kind of jolt back into reality that things aren't quite what he thinks it is. In other words, the points where he realizes he's dreaming. Not to mention on Jin's teaser images on Instagram, he was tagged #Psique – or Psyche, the goddess of souls. (0.o) All right, so now we've so far established: Everyone except Jin and V died in the prologue, and Jin is so far very connected to death and souls. Okay moving on.
I'm getting to the part with Rap Monster now.
The mirror says "You need to survive." "당신은 생존을 위해 필요."
"dangsin-eun saengjon-eul wihae pil-yo."
But this is supposed to be a message to Jin from Namjoon.
This is the scene where Jin asks the others if they want to "Go here", and the others agree. Where 'here' is, we don't really know, we only get the sense that it's the beach from the silhouette we get to see in the polaroid. Anyway, on the beach, Jin once again spends most of his time filming the others (and himself, sometimes, on the beach). He takes a photo of the other 6, where he's not included, and the beach scene ends with them all just gathered around the truck. Later on at the gas station, Rap Monster takes a photo of Jin and Suga and stows it away. And then back on the beach, V jumps off the tower by the water and end of prologue.
Ha I'm not done.
At the closing parts of the MV, Jin goes to look at the Polaroid of him and Suga; but when he pulls it out its only him. So Jin was hallucinating or dreaming this entire time, imagining he was with all his friends when he wasn't. But at this part in the MV we see how Taehyung died. He had committed suicide by jumping of the water tower into the sea. Jin jolted awake when he realized his dreams didn't quite match up to the way he wanted it to, with all of them alive and happy.
Moving on to "Run." AN- Im not tired and its 5:01am I need help
First, we have V striking an X across Jin's chest – meaning he's the one different, and the one that's not supposed to be there with all of them (dead). Later, we have Jin building up a house of cards, only for V to break it down. From "Outro: House of Cards," According to them, the house of cards is something they're trying to be happy in even though they know it'll break. Jin knows the dream is breaking and he knows it's making things worse but he can't help it because he wants to hold on for as long as he can. V wanted to wake up Jin and he did momentarily. Also Jin looks directly into the camera and usually that is only done when they want to make direct contact with the viewer.
Awhile later, when Suga and Jungkook are fighting, and Suga breaks the mirror. The glass flowed onto the house of cards and it's then that Jin realizes something is off.
Another time when someone looks into the camera is for Jungkook, who's actually dreaming up the party scene that he's just observing with a dull look on his face. We know it's him dreaming because he transfers through various scenes while he sits – the last transition is when Jin looks up at him on the grass, and we find Jungkook sitting on top of the truck. This is another scene where Jin is singled out. He stays in the truck while the others to their destruction stuff and when people start getting out of their cars the six boys leaving Jin behind in the truck. Until Jin catches up and picks them. The thing is that Rap monster had to be driving because Jin had picked them up but V, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga were in the back of the truck.
This, at the end, I think is the point where Jin dies. They run off and leave him behind – as in they're dead and he's still alive, but Jin catches up. V, who has been struggling in the water this entire time, stops and looks at the camera. And in the ending scene, Jungkook looks like he's unsure for a while – but ends up smiling. And then V finally gets up from his water.
How about the ending scene? With Jin not in Jimin's polaroid? The way I see it, the reason Jin wasn't in the photo was that he wasn't dead. But Jimin burns it because now Jin is with the rest of them.
Okay I'm done with this one and it was long, but I just might post my other theories because I like to think of all the different possibilities. Or i just like to confuse myself :/
But ether way I have more and they all make no sense but whatever. (。♥‿♥。)
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