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WARNING: Mature content

*the next morning* -Hoseok's point of view- I wake up to my alarm, quickly turning it off to avoid waking Boram. What'd I get, barely four hours of sleep? My body is killing me. I thought I was in shape, but apparently I was mistaken. I snuggle up to her. Ah, she's so warm. Five more minutes is fine. I just want to be with her for five more minutes. That five minutes turned into another five minutes, which turned into another five minutes, continuing until I'd been there half an hour longer than I should have. Actually, I stayed about six hours longer than I should have, but now I'm seriously pushing it. I look at my phone. God, I'm going to be killed for this. There's over 50 missed calls and 200 plus text messages between all the guys. They were seriously worried. I guess I don't blame them; I go down stairs to spend some time by myself since the lobby was empty and end up going to a bar to drink with a woman I just met. Which isn't terribly unbelievable, but if we go to other rooms we generally don't stay long and we text someone the room number in case something happens and we don't come back for a long time. But I never told them the number because I didn't want them to show up wondering what happened and forcing me to come back. And I completely stopped responding once Yoongi was chewing me out. I'd explained to Namjoon what had happened; that I had met a nice girl who didn't know me and I was really enjoying myself since she was so unaffected by who I am. I'd asked him to explain that to the guys if they got worried because I'd figured he would be the most understanding of how I felt; which he was. However, that didn't stop the others from either telling me to think twice and come back or like Yoongi did, tell me off about how I was being an idiot who was putting too much thought into "some random bitch" I met at a bar. That's when I put my phone on silent; I was done. I get up and put my pants on. I look for my shirt until I remember she's wearing it. She looks so comfortable, I'll leave it. That way she'll remember me. Even if she throws it away someday, I'll just assume she kept it. I'll look kind of odd walking shirtless through the hall; I'm sure that'll be one more thing for the guys to tack on as something stupid I did. I wish I could have spent more than one night with her, even one day would have been better. I have to leave though. I walk over, lean onto the bed about to wake her up to say goodbye, but I freeze. I can't say goodbye. I don't want to see her sad or upset. I don't want to talk about what's going to happen. I just want to leave. I'm so selfish and weak. Completely pathetic. I lean down and kiss her lips lightly, trying not to wake her. I move her hair and kiss her forehead. I whisper as quietly as possible, "Goodbye Boram. I'm glad I met you." I continue saying goodbye under my breath as I walk to the door. I open it slowly trying not to make noise. I've got one foot out the door when I hesitate, and I do the worst possible thing; I look back. I look back and see her; the first girl to truly take my heart, if only for a night. But maybe it could be more than a night, maybe I shouldn’t assume anything. On a whim, I walk back over to the night stand. I open the drawer hoping for some paper and a pen. Without thinking, I write down my number. I can't believe I'm giving a woman my personal cell number. That's something I'm definitely not supposed to do, especially not with someone I just met. For anyone else that's not a big deal, but for an idol it is. But it'll only be this once so it's okay, right? Because it's her, I say it's fine. I glance at her once more before leaving. Damn, I'm going to need to run to our room. At least it's not too far, because it kind of hurts to run right now. Hopefully they managed to keep this to themselves and not involve the manager. I brace myself, taking a deep breath as I open the door. I see they're all packed and ready to go, but they're somewhat freaking out. The moment they see me walk in they all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Except Yoongi, who's not so much worried as he is absolutely pissed off. He comes over and slams the door behind me. He grabs my shoulders and pushes me against it. "What the fuck do you think you're doing! Are you on drugs or some shit! What would give you the idea that any of this was okay!" "I-" "You what? Met a pretty girl, got drunk, and stopped thinking? Like that's a fucking excuse! We've all met pretty girls! Most of us have had a fling or two, but we don't hang around! And we never ignore eachother and fall off the face of the fucking earth over some skank!" "You're-" "Right? You're damn right, I'm right! I can't believe how senseless you are! You've done a lot of stupid shit but this was beyond that, this was just reckless and selfish! You put us through so much stress, and for what? Some bitch? You're such an idiot!" I smack his hands off of me. "If you'd have let me respond, I was going to say you're wrong." His eyes get intense as he gets in my face. I guess I poked the sleeping bear. "Oh? What exactly am I misunderstanding here? En-fucking-lighten me, Hoseok." "I wasn't drunk; and she's not a skank or some bitch. She made me feel-" He interrupts me, talking in a condescending tone. "What, special? Like you were the most important guy in the wor-" I shove him away from me. "Normal! She made me feel fucking normal! For the first time, I felt halfway decent spending time with a girl and actually had fun!" "Because you were drunk!" I reach out and grab him by his collar. "I wasn't fucking drunk! I had a few drinks over the course of a couple hours; that's not going to get me drunk! You need to look at yourself before you call other people stupid, because you clearly haven't understood a word I've said!" Everyone is stunned watching this. They expected Yoongi to yell and for things to get a little heated; but they didn't expect me to escalate the situation by fighting back. I don't yell out of anger often, and I never get physical; but he won't listen to me. I refuse to just stand here while he ridicules me in front of everyone, belittling my personal feelings as if they're nonsense. He scoffs. "Oh, you're a big man now? One night was all it took for that bitch to fuck with your head!" I tighten my grip. "Why, because I'm standing up for myself!" "No, because you're making a goddamn fool of yourself!" "So what if I am? I don't care! Stop acting like you're top dog all the time just because nobody ever calls you out on your shit! You're angry, I understand that; and it's only fair because of what I did. But you don't need to be a complete and total asshole who insults someone he doesn't even know, or more importantly, insults someone he calls a friend!" "You are my friend and that's why I'm being honest with you! She's not worth it, you just met her! You need to get over it! The feelings you have right now are shallow and meaningless!" "Meaningless?" I shove him hard as I let go of his shirt, causing him to stumble backward and fall. "Think what you want! I don't need you or anyone else's approval of how I'm supposed to think or feel! I was wrong for leaving you all hanging, and I'm sincerely sorry for that. But I'm sure as hell not wrong or sorry about how I feel about her!" He stands up and walks back over to me. He's in a rage; nobody in the group ever puts their hands on him. His glare is intense; if looks could kill I'd be a dead man. Luckily they don't, so looks alone won't scare me. "You're a complete idiot! You're so ridiculous with your fucked up way of thinking!" I step up to him and poke him in the chest. "I'd choose being a happy idiot over being a callous asshole, any day of the fucking week!" "You're pushing your luck!" I shove his shoulder. "Am I? I don't think you've got it in you to do anything. I've never seen you do shit besides run that fucking mouth of yours." "Are you asking me to? Is that what you want? You want to fucking fight me?" "If you were going to do anything, you would have done it already. You wouldn't be asking shit." Namjoon stops us. "That's enough. This is beyond the issue and you guys are way too amped up. It's turned into a damn pissing contest. Yoongi, just drop it." "Why? Why should I?" Jin comes to my defense. "Because you obviously don't understand him and you're not going to try to. You're just yelling at him without listening to what he's saying." He laughs out of disbelief and irritation. "So you're just going to enable him like this? Seriously? You're saying that what he did was okay?" "What he did was far from okay, but he feels bad enough. I'm sure he's hurting from a multitude of things at the moment, so just get off his case." He steps in between us. "You two acting like this isn't going to solve anything. He's coming back at you in defense because he feels cornered, thinking everyone is against him like you are. You both had your outbursts and said what you needed to say. Now both of you need to stop." Jin is the only one who can easily get Yoongi to back off, he is the eldest after all. "Fine. You shouldn't pity his hurt feelings though; because he brought that shit on himself." "Yes, he did, and he's probably well aware of that." Namjoon sighs and changes the subject. "Anyway, it's about time we get going." I walk over and grab my bag. Taehyung, practically unfazed by what just happened, asks me an innocent question, "What happened to your shirt?" "Nothing. It doesn't matter." I'm a bit blunt, so I hope gets the idea that I'm not exactly up for goofing around with him today. Jimin lightly smacks the back of his head. "Let it go. We're done talking about it." He walks over and pats me on the back. "Cheer up, okay?" "Sure." Yeah, I'll get right on it. God forbid I be upset or unhappy. Of course not, I forgot that I have to be the one who makes everyone else feel better; and they say I'm selfish. Jungkook is uncomfortable over everything; which is understandable. He walks by and inhales like he's going to say something, but stops. "It's fine. Don't worry. If you want, you can tell me later or something, okay?" He nods and walks away. I grab a shirt out of my bag and throw it on. I quickly try to catch up with everyone who had already walked out. I really am stupid though. I managed to hurt myself, my friends, and when she wakes up I'll have seriously hurt Boram.
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that fight scene felt to real poor j-hope he is so devastated.
Ahhhhhh😭😭😭 that fight was too real lol
Omg the fight though!!!!😢
@MrsChanyeol to me it seems like something he'd say haha notice how there's like not much cussing throughout the story and the moment suga comes in there's practically an F bomb in every paragraph haha with plenty of other curse words tossed too haha just for Suga because he'd be cussing up a storm guaranteed
its fine I actually love how its real lol
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