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weekend suggestion: Mononoke

I watched this a few weeks back... but being busy and then a lot of life problems got in the way. ANYWAYS. I present to you Mononoke which I seriously avoided for the longest time but decided to give it a chance and I really got hooked. Some background that I dug up was that it's supposedly a spin off of Ayakashi:Samurai Horror Tales... which I didn't watch because the name makes me want to shiver... Also it's produced by Toei Animation and it's kind of like an Occult detective series.
So the story follows a medicine seller who just so happens to be selling medicine wherever there is a mononoke (Spirit/Monster) problem and it takes place in the Edo Period. The show will kind of explain the difference between an Ayakashi and a Mononoke. The animation style is extremely different from the anime you are used to watching but I enjoyed the how colorful it was.
The medicine seller possesses a sacred blade that can slay mononoke but first he must discover their shape (Katachi), Truth (Makoto), and reasoning (Kotowari). When the sacred blade opens its mouth it can be unsheathed but not only is some kind of super awesome spirit blade drawn out but the medicine seller reveals another form.... one that unfortunately is never explained because the anime leaves you in one giant cliff hanger and since it finished airing in 2014 it's safe to say we will never know hat happens to the medicine vendor or if the last mononoke is successfully vanquished. but below are kind of some SPOILER PICTURES*** of the medicine vendors other form. I say spoiler because the first episode only gives you a glance like some sort of slow release.
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