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Leading right behind the popular idol-to-actor trend, viewers have been pleasantly surprised to see long-legged, sharply-sculpted, and undeniably charming models taking the lead roles in many of our favorite dramas. And not only are these rising actor/models are stealing main roles, but they are also making their way into variety shows, MCs, and commercial deals. These beautiful men were once found strutting across the runway stages. And now, they are on the path following the legendary model-to-actor seniors such as Jo In Sung, Cha Seung Won, and Gong Yoo. Here are some of our favorite rising model-to-actor rookie that have caused a significant impact in the K-drama realm. 1. Lee Jong Suk: Secret Garden; High Kick 3; School 2013; I Hear Your Voice 2. Kim Woo Bin: School 2013; Gentleman’s Dignity; Vampire Idol 3. Song Jae Rim: The Moon that Embraces the Sun; Nail Shop Paris; Flower Boy Ramen Shop 4. Kim Yong Kwang: Bachelor’s Vegetable Store; Birth Secret; White Christmas; Can We Get Married?; Love Rain; More Charming By the Day 5. Hong Jong Hyun: Dating Agency: Cyrano; Beloved; Warrior Baek Dong Soo; Wild Romance; 6. Sung Joon: Can We Get Married?; Gu Family Book; Shut Up Flower Boy Band; Lie To Me 7. Lee Soo Hyuk: Shark; Tree With Deep Roots; What’s Up; White Christmas; Vampire Idol. ----- Seems like I'm not the only one being obsessed with model-turned-actors! I can't be blamed because who wouldn't be attracted to both their figure and acting? If anyone's looking for a drama to start learning about model-turned-actors, I strongly recommend White Christmas (5 of the 7 above star in the drama).
and yes White Christmas is a must watch!
<3<3<3<3 love every single one of them!