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MBLAQ’s Thunder recently showed off his “manner legs” towards his sister, which is drawing the attention from the public. On June 9, Sandara posted couple pictures she took with her brother on her Twitter, “Even today, we are the warm-hearted siblings! Dara & Thunder.” She later posted, “My Thunder, who showed some ‘manner legs’ for his petite-sized older sister! Oi! Who’s the dongseng?! Smile.” Inside the left picture, Thunder shows off his “manner legs” by spreading his legs to create the illusion that there’s not much of a height difference with his sister. The right picture shows the result of his consideration. Meanwhile, MBLAQ made a comeback on June 4 with its 5th mini album “Sexy Beat” and is currently promoting the title track “Smoky Girl.”
so cute, love the fact that they aren't afraid to show love to their families
@chasinghapiness Oh, let me find it and I'll tag you. I didn't see this comment until now. @Saravy Yep, they're such a cute duo.
They're so cute!
@yinofyang I haven't seen it! Do you have a link? I'm sure he's gonna be cute.
@chasinghapiness Very much so! Did you ever see the commercial where Thunder dressed as a girl...he looked so much like her. XD LOL!
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