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MBLAQ's Mir has been to extreme places. On 'Laws of the Jungle', he nearly drowned in the Amazon river, chewed crocodiles, and ate pieces of monkey brain. Shortly after, he appeared on 'Real Men', and on this program he got a chance to see what ROK Korean army training was really like. As a guest on Mnet's 'Beatles Code 2', he was asked about his experiences on both shows. MC Yoo Sang Moo said, "Your face changed a little", and Mir joked, "It's rotting, right? As I promote more and more, my face deteriorates." He added, "I've been to the jungle, and I've also been to the army. The jungle was difficult physically, and the army was difficult from a mental standpoint." The MCs teased, "But still, you get paid. Compared to the Amazon tribe members, you get paid a lot", and Mir admitted, "I went to both of them after I was paid", and then joked, "I was blinded by money".
wow so Gorgeous Lee Min Ho
@chasinghapiness they do soo much to get close to knetizens I d k y but smtms dis word scares me lol
totally. he did great in real men too!
ah poor boy I saw screen caps from 'Laws of the Jungle' and it surely was tough to live in the jungle for a few months. But the two shows gain him a lot of love from knetizens. Mir is working really hard, fighting!