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Omg I had a heart attack when I saw my notification for this and clicked on it like my life depend on it. Now Jr is bias wrecking me. Jr ill fly with you as long as you don't tell JB

that hip thrust killed me. Why??

they all look so handsome, I cant wait for the dance practice video to come out!!

When the whole squad knows your on fleek! Get it Bambam

When haters be throwing some shade and you just dust it off like...

ok my screenshot game is on point today lol Bambam thou

Marks face Oh my God Im done....

We're at the sad part... when Jr realise he can't fly Someone help him! But that tear be on point
Seriously this song slays. I already watched it like 1000 times and its gonna be on replay like a lot!!! Thank you GOT7 for ruining my life