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Ever since MBLAQ and B2ST debuted on the same day, the two groups have been close friends yet rivals at the same time. In fact, the rivalry-friendship dichotomy between MBLAQ and B2ST is so famous that fans of the two groups fondly call the combination 'MBLEAST'. Sadly, ever since their debut, we never really got to see the two groups promoting together - until now! MBLAQ has just started up promotions for "Smoky Girl" while B2ST recently unveiled their pre-release "Will You Be Alright?" and they're also gearing up for a full fledged comeback in July. With their promotional periods overlapping, everyone's excited to see them stand together again - and that's not just the fans, but the idols themselves, too! MBLAQ was recently featured on 'Beatles Code 2' and the members were asked about their rivalry with B2ST. G.O answered honestly, "Since B2ST is so popular nowadays, when I see them, I think, 'Wow, they're really cool'. I think, 'They're really good looking!'." Lee Joon agreed, "Yeah, this really happens". Shindong then asked, "If you consider the number of being first, B2ST has won a lot more. Do you feel like you may be losing?". Lee Joon laughed as he agreed, "Yeah. A lot more." Seungho answered, "I think they just reached the summit first. For any of our albums, we never thought, 'This is our last'. We just think, 'One day, we'll be up there, too', and we just continue to work hard."
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love their optimism and opinion.