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Hahaha I have no idea what I'd do if a girl did this to me! I'd probably not be able to stop laughing. And/or feel violated XD Would probably leave her. Unless it works. I'd love to be a vampire ;p ;'D For real though, I hope this isn't real haha I found this whilst scrolling and thought I would share it ^.^
omg I'm preeetty sure this is a troll but just in case: eating blood is not good for you! It can really damage your throat and the lining of your stomach
I read it and feel disgusting, hope it's not real..just attention seekers I guess. by the way, poor bf..haha
I hope this is just one big joke, this is disgusting!!!!!!! Eeeeeewwww!!!!!!!
It'd better be a troll post!! So gross!!
10k? That's a lot haha 😂😂 This is a very... interesting find haha I think it's just a troll post.
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