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Hello Nakama, time to sip some Sake and chug some beer!

Happy St. Patrick's day weekend everyone! There's no tradition I like better on St. Patrick's day then getting wasted on alcohol. Now they say they Irish drink to much and that sounds like a negative stereotype but If you were to ask an Irish gentlemen or lady I'm sure they'll tell you that, that's not true; they don't drink enough.
Yes it's true the Irish love to drink but that could be said with all people. I myself am an American with mostly German ancestry and I can tell you that I love to drink in fact I write this card with a little bit of a hangover. If you're not one to partake in this worldly past time you could at least appreciate those who do. Many of our favorite anime characters love to participate in this event and we love them for it.
From sages to masters, men and women, wise old hermits or people down on they're luck; many of our favorites love to have a glass or two. Whether it's sipping sake or chugging beer or even they're choice of whisky some people just can't go without a drink.

So this st. Paddy's day weekend lets raise a toast to those who like to raise one as well! here are just three (but many more) of my favorite anime drinkers!

Lady Tsunade of the Hidden Leaf Village from Naruto (series)

Tsunade is know for many things: The 5th Hokage, Konoha's Slug Princess and even being the Legendary Sucker as her gambling habits suggest. If there is one thing Tsunade is definitely known for it's drinking! whether it's because of a bad gambling experience or celebrating a rare good gambling payoff; you can catch Tsunade with a drink in her hand. Even as the Hokage, Tsunade loved to sip on sake. She's tough and confident and let's no man get in her way and her love for booze!

She's the kind of leader everyone should want as she leads with an Iron fist and let's no one, man or woman tell her what to do. She may not be to good at gambling but when it comes to leading a nation she's the woman for the job and she does it all with a strong heart and a drink in her hand!

Roronoa Zoro from One Piece!

One Piece is defiantly one of my favorite animes and Roronoa Zoro is one of (if not my) favorite characters. Zoro is a skilled swordsmen who uses the three sword style, a style he made up, one that uses (you guessed it) three swords. Zoro hopes to become the worlds greatest swordsmen but when he's not training he's taking a nap and when he's not doing that he's throwing back a drink. Sake, beer, whiskey or whatever he can find as long as there's booze in it he doesn't care. It seems at times he uses alcohol as hydration; can't stop drinking all together the collective hang over might kill him.

It is my belief that Zoro will achieve the crown of worlds greatest swordsmen. As he continues to travel along Monkey D Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats anything is possible. With booze on the brain and in his belly no doubt Zoro is a great drinker and with it being St Paddy's day how could I not include the man who wears all green!

Cana Alberona from Fairy Tail!

Cana is definitely beautiful isn't she?I mentioned Cana before in my Women of Fairy Tail speecail: check it out if you haven't. There's not much detail I have to go into for her, I think we all know how awesome she is. She can drink any man under the table and can beat them up with her card magic. She dreams of becoming an S class wizard like her father and is contently training to become stronger. In her down time she's chugging barrels of whine and beer, literally barrels. Her old man is a legend of sorts not just in the wizard world but in the drinking world as well and when he asked to share a drink with his daughter her response was "you can't keep up". It's a wonder to where she puts it as the stunning figure of hers continues to look great even with all that alcohol in it.

She wants to be S class and she'll get there. Cana is strong and resilient. She's not just beautiful she's tough and can hang with the best of them. Cana will most defintly be drinking this st. Paddy's day weekend, let's be honest she'll be drinking regardless; it is after all a day of the week!

Those are just three of my favorite drinkers and I'm sure you have your own.

So the question I have for you is an obvious one

Who is your favorite anime drunk?

Bonus questions:

What drink do you like to throw back on st. Patrick's day?

What drink do you like to throw back on any normal day?

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Have a very safe sunday to close out st. Paddy's day my Super Nakama.
Thank you for reading and have a very lovely day!

Thank you to all 400+ followers you really mean the world to me!

thank you for including cana who i have a newfound love for <3
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I'm a horrible person for forgetting her name but the woman who takes in the boy from Evangelion 馃槄
@CreeTheOtaku lol that's ok mate. I'm sure you you have a favorite drink character
Can I say Rock Lee even though he doesn't get drunk often? If not then I'd have to agree with you and go for Zoro
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