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I'm luv this! Especially at the end "Bitch, sit your ass down. Just enjoy the shit." honestly I had no idea people were comparing the 2. I asked someone and they said it was probably bc of the cam-recorder but anyways, will people ever just stop comparing artists and bands. I mean in general bc some people are comparing artists in groups to others like Dara(2ne1), everyone e in bigbang, Suzy(miss a) and so much more. Stop, just stop bc I'm getting really annoyed having to see this stuff. the problem is people are getting too into someone or something, like people in one fandom(not all) how some feel only that group is good, or stalker fans... people who have legitimately fallen in love with their bias... sorry to burst your bubble(honestly am) but you know your odds are less than 1 and on top of that, we only see wat idols want us to see. not saying that they're all lying about their feelings/personalities, but you need to realize, not everything in the kpop fandom, or any fandom is real. and some point and time, you have to wake up. sorry if I just ruined someone's day, but better to learn now than later.