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on April 18 i will giving a speech for my communication class. i must persuade my class to do something. i have decided to get them to watch Fairy Tail. I will do cosplay as lucy to give it. i need help finding creditable information on the show. if you are okay with me quoting you, i also need some stories on how the anime or manga has help changed your life for the better. thank you
there is one moment that really helped me in my life. it's when natsu is fighting hades in the tenrojima arc. and he realizes that sure we can be scared when we are alone but my friends are right here so there is nothing to fear because we are not alone. and just the concept of alone Yeah life is scary but when we are with our friends we can overcome anything. just this sentiment was very encouraging and helped me alot.
Pros: 1) teenager who is a BOSS 2) actions scenes are awesome 3) plot stays on plot 4) illustrations are great 5) small love story 6) hits you so hard in the feels 7) gets you pumped up and excited for next episode 8) there's magic, guys 9) anime DOESN'T mean its ONLY FOR KIDS 10) dude, it has more fans than Justin Bieber 11) .......why wouldn't you watch it...a whole country is.......
what Fairy Tail taught me would mostly be, no matter how bad your past may have been, you can always hope for a good future, that there's always a place for you to call home and be welcomed in a family of friends even when they're not related to you by blood.
thanks guys i hope to hear more from people.