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You’re too happy the next day to care if anyone gives you a strange look or an evil one. You have a silly grin on your face that can’t be wiped off. If the director noticed anything he didn’t comment; however, your mood must have been catching as he shared a few smiles also.
At lunchtime you are bombarded by the rest of the guys in 2PM. The way they act you would have thought that Junho won the lottery, they genuinely seem happy that he has found someone. Nichkhun wraps you in a big hug; followed by Taecyon, which is followed by Junho separating you from them and pulling you close. Making him jealous seems to totally make their day as they begin teasing him at your expense. Jun.K studies you for a bit; he suddenly smiles and while the others are teasing Junho he puts his arm around you.
“He could have done worse.” The shocked look on your face makes him laugh and catches Junho’s attention. Jun.K kisses your cheek and whispers, “Could do no better. Don’t hurt him.”
You watch as he walks over to Junho to give him a bro hug and congratulations. A few of the production staff that are still around kept glancing in your direction. A few try to nonchalantly walk past to hear what all the excitement is about. After the fifth person walks past and tries to get into the conversation the group starts to notice all the attention and glances around.
“Have you told JYP? This could stir some things up,” Jun.K asks. “Her bruises aren’t even gone, be careful man.”
Junho nods, “I called him from the jewelry store. He has a plan.” At this declaration he wraps his arms around you from behind and happily rests his head on your shoulder.
Everything in your world seems like an unreal dream. You’re in South Korea, you’ve met and work with your bias group, and an amazing man says he loves you. Out of the blue Junho reaches over and pinches you on the arm then whispers in your ear, “I’m real.” You shake your head with a small laugh; there he goes again, reading your mind like he has an all access pass.
A few days later, you notice a subtle change in 2PM right before lunch. You glance around and find that JYP has walked onto the set. You aren’t sure if anyone’s research into the group included the entertainment magnet or not. He smiles and waves at everyone but seems focused. He walks directly over to the director and waits for the call of cut. The guys in the group are keeping an eye on him but don’t approach.
After a few minutes the director calls you over. Swallowing down your anxiety you leave what you are doing and head over to meet the man who can break Junho’s career. The director introduces you to JYP who shakes your hand, looking directly into your eyes. An interrogation with words that soon ends as he picks up your left hand. A smile with a short laugh is his only reaction. He looks over your shoulder with a shake of his head, drops your hands and motions Junho over. He grabs Junho’s left hand and a bark of laughter can be heard. Junho has a grin from ear to ear.
The director calls lunch for everyone. A few spectators stop to stare at the new visitor but no one dares to approach.
“Let’s have lunch,” the director says; motioning for you, JYP, and the rest of 2PM to join him.
You’re unsure of what JYP’s presence here means. The pit of your stomach has started clenching in apprehension. Junho takes your hand and start to lightly rubbing the back with his thumb. He looks over and seeing your fright, raises your hand for a kiss.
“It’s all good Jagi.”
A table has been set up in sectioned off area of the warehouse, this was planned? Catering has already placed food and plates; they disappear as everyone settles down to the table. As soon as the door closes behind them JYP takes out his phone. After a few swipes he places it in front of you and Junho.
“It’s begun.”
You stare down in horror at an ALLKPOP article, “2PM’s Junho in an illicit relationship?” The picture snapped in front of the club is there in full color for the whole world to see.
isn't that an authors best trick?
here i thought of find out who the sesaeng was? you're killing me