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I was quite pleased to have this song requested. The Libertines are quite brilliant and I had yet to think of using one of their songs, so thank you to @TessStevens for suggesting this one! The entirety of this song revolves around the struggle of the writer and the person he is writing to. As you will see in the next block he periodically switches between a reference to himself and a reference to someone else. This lyrics is a reference to himself and the memories or events that have caused him to be miserable. He says he knows why he is miserable. He is aware of where his pain comes from, but he doesn't seem to recognize a way through it other than to just "get by". Whatever is hurting him also seems to be hurting his confidence and his self-transcendence. No doubt I have felt this way. When I was told that my father has been cheating on my mother. When my hero moved away. When my best friend moved away. When my inspiration passed away. Even in relationship problems, it is hard not to feel defeated and purposeless, but we have to get by. I posted a card this past week in my other collection of my book edits, and the first excerpt deals with the same thing. You just have to get by. You just have to. And you just do.
The beginning of this lyric also references the writer, but he is clearly talking to someone else. He tells them to look at his life and his pain, but he asks them not to destroy it. He knows that what he has been through belongs to him and is a part of him and who he is, and taking that away from him would be unfaitful to himself. He then directly references the person he is speaking to. He tells them they will get by. It sounds like he is talking to us at this point. He tells us that we will get through. Just smile and eventually we will get through. So that is the first card from my requested cards! I hope you like it and feel free to suggest more songs! I would prefer the songs to fit into the genre of rock (alt, punk, pop punk, indie, etc.).
@Titplum thank you! I just posted another one, you should check it out!
@TessStevens Nice request :) @JayZK Thank you for sharing your interpretation of this song. My favorite part of the lyrics is " So hold a light to my misery but don't send it up in flames." Beautiful line. Please keep going.
I am glad you like it! It really is a beautiful song, so it wasnt difficult to connect to. I am already loving making cards on suggested songs, it forces me to read the lyrics of songs I may have never thought about before and to find the ways in which I relate to them. @TessStevens
What a beautiful take on the song. It's such a deep and personal one to me as well. I feel for everyone who this song touches, because the truth of our interactions with ourselves and others ultimately shapes what we think of the world and our loved ones in it. It's funny that you picked up on the two-subject focus. Both Pete and Carl (the singers) have had issues with substances and the song more or less describes the struggle of their successes and failures. In addition to the fact that early on in the band's career, Carl kicked Pete out and tried to go on without him due to differences. Thank you for making these edits and this card. It means a lot to Libs fans, and to me :)
You can call back the parts of your soul thats been fragmented to someone else &/or (other soul ties) 👈 soul ties is what they are!! which is why we may never feel whole even when we want to! What you need individually is a Inner healing & Deliverance. the church i go to (contact me for more info, if one of our daughter churches is located near you & are doing the retreat). Just saying because the church I go to has a inner healing and a deliverance retreat. I know I probably took this out of context- the lyrics were good, but do you want to get to the root of the problem of your soul instead of just getting by. Don't you get tired of just getting by when you literally know that you are not whole.