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Got7 Fly💕
It was so beautiful! I swear it was amazing I loved it, they all looked hot but what is with everybody dying! Is dying in now😂 lol. But why is everyone comparing it to BTS Run and Seventeen's Adore U...WHERE! Don't compare please! Everyone has their own style and they are all different groups! Ugh either way the vide makes me want to fly. I really do wish I could fly right now but I absolutely love the video💕 btw Mark was looking sexy af and I was like YOU BETTER WERK BOY!
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Mark's Voice was like awesome! !
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@luna1171 it was hot😍😍 and then Jackson and BamBam's voices where deeper than the ocean!
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@Simba14 their voices have change so much.. I love
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@luna1171 ikr it hit me so hard I flew around the world twice. This mv made me fly fam
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