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Who remembers him from Goong? He has confirmed a new role in drama 'Her Legend' The article from dramabeans: Cable channel JTBC is lining up a new drama for its next Monday-Tuesday opening, and has cast Kim Jung-hoon (I Need Romance) to headline the series titled Her Legend. The description is rather vague, but not uninteresting: Two women with “switched fates” and a man “who has everything” embark on a pursuit of sincerity. That tells us very little, but JTBC has a solid track record of putting out well-executed dramas and I expect this one to share that same kind of thoughtful spirit running through many of their shows. Even if Kim Jung-hoon plays a character I’m tired of: a chaebol “prince” with both looks and smarts, who is heir to the nation’s top fashion and apparel corporation. Well, he’s played a gentle prince before (in Goong), so that takes care of that metaphor. Her Legend will follow current noir-crime series Heartless City; it premieres in July. ------ Well I'm not that excited to see him (don't throw rocks at me but I'm not a big fan of Goong the drama, especially since I've followed Goong the manhwa from the beginning). But the plot does sound interesting (I love things that have to do with fate or destiny or the same sort) and I hope to see the female casts ^^
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awww whhyyy I love him! haha :D but yea his acting isn't that outstanding. Still!