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Today is the birthday of Our Wonderful

《Wild Chic Gene》

Casper is our loveable Ghost. Within Cross Gene, he is the one who is the undercover goof ball.
On March 20th 1991, the Heavens decided to bless us once more of an Angel to make all the girls

《La-la-la- love him like they're going crazy》

Casper is known for being the muscles, that is usually allergic to shirts and/or Sleeves. All I have to say on that fact, is that I praise the heavens for this quality.

Fun Facts About Casper:

♢ Full Name: Chu Xiao Xiang ♢ Nickname: C. True/Casper ♢ Position: Vocal, Dancer ♢ Height: 176 cm ♢ Birth Place: Shanghai, China ♢ Nationality: Chinese ♢ He looks up to Big Bang’s Taeyang as a role model ♢ He’s the most quiet member and actually quite shy (Note Undercover Goof) ♢ His Love of music spans from listening to it with his mom when he was younger. ♢ He did weightlifting for 6 years, until he suffered from a back injury. Won #1 in Shanghai, 2nd Place in all of China.

Casper is A Gem. When I say he fits perfectly with Cross Gene, he really fits perfectly.

Here we have proof he's allergic to shirts with sleeves.

*Try not to drool all over your phone*

☆ His Smile IS precious!

☆ His stage presence is beyond wonderful.

☆ Again, he's super smiley.

☆ He's known for being acrobatic like Sangmin.

☆ His rapping skills are wonderful

☆ Undercover Goof Ball

☆ Let's Pay Homage to his arms.

☆ I mean look at those arms

☆ Are you really looking at his arms, cause I feel you're not. . .

Happy Birthday To Our Friendly Ghost!! May you always stay smiley, healthy and continue to kill the fangirls and Fanwomen! ♡♡♡ We love you!

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@PassTheSuga Haha yeasss! ♡♡
Hellurrrr there 😏😏😏 And Happy Birthday.....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING BORN 🙏🙏🙆🙆
His arms are ridiculous. It always makes me happy when he graces us with their presence. And it cracks me up that he idolizes Taeyang, like "let me find a muscle-y short idol to idolize!"
Love him
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