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So I'm doing this awesome challenge (you should do it too! & tag me!) with @Lexxcisco and today is Day Four!

Favorite Rookie Group!

So, this was difficult. Up until a month ago, my answer would have been simple. ASTRO! Now that they have debuted, I find it difficult to get super into another rookie group. However, the group that has me the most curious/interested is certainly


The new venture from S.M. entertainment, has the name NCT, Which stands for Neo Culture Technology. They are a currently 11 member group. Their members are multi-national, going along with SM's New Culture Technology, sharing hallyu with the world. The group will eventually have many more members revealed, separating into many subgroups, in order to be based in many countries. They will sing in the languages of the areas that they are from or are based in, but all groups will share the same music!
Here are the promo videos so far! If you're interested in the specifics of SM's new outlook, there is another video here (for warning, it's 36 minutes long. Lol) A lot of the members are members of the SM Rookies 15 group.
I chose this group simply because of the hype surrounding it. I'm very interested to see how it goes, S.M. Has put out some amazing groups in the past, I hope they continue in the future!
I can't wait for them to debut!
😣😣 I love being tagged gracias