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You push him back with tears rolling down your cheeks. He wipes away your tears with his thumb. You cry even harder knowing that you would never see him again, Only through a screen. He grabs your face hardly, Forcing you to look into his red eyes.
"Hey Hey Hey~ Please don't cry in front Oppa."
"But-But I- I...I need you in my life..." You stuttered while crying your heart out.
He wipes another tear away with a smile on his face, "I will be in your life. I may not be next to you. But you will forever be in my heart. You will never escape my mind. I'll be thinking about you day and night. I know this is weird to say but...I do love you...As a fan, A friend, and as a girlfriend. I will always love you."
You try to hold back the tears as you whimpered. Your voice started to stuttered,
"Pl-Pl- Please stop talking Oppa...Y-You are making...Me cry even more..."
He hugs you once again tightly as there was a loud bang on the window. You jump up startled to see a girl hitting the window with a shoe. There was a noise of screaming fans banging against the door, Trying to get into the studio. You let go of him as he runs towards the door. He yells at you with serious eyes, "HIDE!!!!"
You run into a closet and shut the door behind you as you block out the world from your ears.
I slide my body up against the door to protect (Y/N) and I from crazy people. I try with all of my strength to keep her hidden away. I felt nothing pushing against the door as I hear a lot of screaming and squeling. I look out the window to see my best friend in the whole world, My loving Dongsaeng, My fellow member, Taeyang. He smiles as he greets the fans with care. He looks at me with grinning eyes. I open the door slowly a little to have a better view. Taeyang walks towards the door as he says, "Okay VIP's! I want you all to rest so go home where there is food and a bed! I love you all!!"
All the fans scream with joy in their faces as they leave. I sigh in relief as I open the door.
"Hyung~ Are you okay? I heard screaming from miles away."
"I'm fine..." I told him with sadness. He pats my back as he asks,
"What's wrong Hyung? And don't tell me everything is fine because it's not."
I sigh in hopeless thought. I look into his eyes, "I'm scared, nervous, anxious. You name it..."
He chuckles a little as he says, "It's okay. Where are these emotions coming from?"
"Remember that girl I told you about?"
"Yeah...What about her?"
"My thing for her is killing me on the inside..."
He rubs my back with antcipitation as he mutters in a low, quiet voice,
"Aren't you dating that Japanese model? What's her name? Siko? Liko?"
"Her name is Kiko Mizuhara...But I don't know what to do...I'm lost..."
I get up and look through the window. I had many thoughts in my head that aren't supposed to be in there. I felt the warm ray of sunshine glisten on my skin. I ignore the nature's beauty and went to grab my perfect beauty. I open the door to see curled up around her arms. I see her look up at me with worry. I grab her hand, Pull her up, And nuzzle her into my arms. I pet her head in guilt. I know I'm not supposed to be with a fan...But I can't just let her go...
She pulls me back as she says, "So...This is the end...Of us..."
I smile crookedly as I hold her hand, "This doesn't have to be the end...You still can attend my concert and I can give you a backstage pass to see me..."
She smiles with a drop of grin in her eyes. She blushes as I kiss her hand. She starts to frown as she walks out the door. I frown even harder knowing that to everyone...She's just a fan but to me...She is more than just a fan...She's my best friend..A loved one...
She looks at me as her voice says, "Bye Jiyong~I'll miss you..."
"Oppa will miss you too...."
I pace around back and forth in my dressing room with many things in mind. I start to sweat as my hands tremble to open the door. I start to think about (Y/N), My hands slow down as I felt a rush against my cheeks. I look behind me to see Kiko walk in...
"Hey Jiyong~I missed you so much." She back hugs me as she kisses my cheek. I slightly shrug her off my shoulder as she asks me with worry,"What's wrong Jiyongie?"
"Nothing...Just nervous..."
"Why are you nervous? You basically have been famous your whole life?" She chuckled.
I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to accidently mention (Y/N).
"GD..YG Hyung says to practice your rap lines..." A manager says. I practice right away to avoid Kiko. She give me a smirks with a sigh..."Hey~ I have to go to a photoshoot in Switzerland so I'm not gonna see you in 2 months...I love you..."
I get up quickly and give her a big hug with a side of kisses. "I love you too...Good luck!"
"Good Luck! Don't be nervous Jiyong~Fighting!"
I start to sweat with drift as I wait backstage. I practice a few lines til I hear,
I run out towards the crowd with happiness. I was so happy to cherish these moments with my fellow members, TOP Hyung, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri.
But then, A rush of instance bursted through my heart. It was (Y/N)! I see her smiling and cheering me on with a GD poster. I smile as I wave to her. She waved back with pink cheeks. The lights start to dim low as I hear one of our biggest hit songs start to play,
The song was called, "Lies"
As I see Taeyang eyeing at (Y/N) I run towards her and take her hand. All the fans scream as I bring her up on stage. I stole the perfect line to serenade her with, I look into her eyes as I sing, "I'm so sorry but I love you..."
She starts to blush really hard as I kiss her cheek. I hold onto her hand as I walk with her around stage. I noticed my members having fun with a few fans with cute smiles filled with laughter. I speak into the microphone as I have a casual conversation with her.
"What's your name?"
"(Y/N)" She said shyly.
I smile at her as she hides her face into her gentle palms. I wrap my arm around her without caution. I look over at the jumbo screen with keen eyes. I noticed I was on!
I try to be slick and make a heart with her arm to create a big heart. She smiles as I ask her a question into the microphone.
"Can you show me some aegyo?"
She blushes really hard as usual and acts all cute. I felt so many butterflies you wouldn't even understand.
You smile with a grin as the concert ends. Luckily, He gave you backstage pass.
With excitement flowing in your blood, You run backstage to see all of the BigBang members taking pictures and signing autographs.
As you wait for your turn, You felt a tap on your shoulder. You turn around to see another V.I.P. with a G-Dragon Coup De Tat T-Shirt and a YB Snap back. She giggles,
"Your so lucky to get to talk to GD on stage!!!!" You smile as you nod. You felt her whispering to you angrily, "Stay away from my husband...Or else I'll get Saesang fans to ruin your life..."
You shrug her off and walk towards GD. He had a big smile on his face as he shakes your hand. You take out your phone and ask someone to take a photo of you two.
You raise your arm above your head as he does the same, To form a big heart. While posing he kisses your left cheek then a photo was snapped. He pulls away and hugs you as he says, "Nice meeting you! Hope to see you soon!"
You felt happy to hear those words as you walk outside. You sit down and chill for a minute because you have been standing for hours. You scroll through your phone through your feed to see a headline,

"GD Playing at BB Concert?!"

You press the article as fast as you could. You scroll to read,
"Today, BigBang held their concert in Seoul. G-Dragon had been acting cute towards a fan onstage. He even asked for some aegyo and in return he gave her a kiss on the cheek. As you may notice, The other members were playing with fans but they just held their hand or looked at them when singing, But now we can confirm it...Jiyong is a player..."
You got confused in the thought of Jiyong being a player. You scroll through another article with the title,

"Is GD dating Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara?"

You pressed the article as fast as you could to read it. But before you could even read one word, You heard someone scream,
You look up to see BigBang walking to a black van. You notice GD smiling at you as well as Taeyang. Your eyes sulk as you start to walk away...
I Hoped you all enjoyed this!!!!!! I'm so sorry it has been forever since I wrote about Jiyong!
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