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To be honest, i miss his old simple outfits :( What do you guys think?
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Same thoughts here guyz, let's support him harder! ^o^
5 years ago·Reply
yep! yep! i want to comment negative about his outfit today + the hairstyle, but i keep it to myself fear to have enemies lol... in my opinion his wardrobe fit for oldies :(
5 years ago·Reply
oppa is still handsome, whatever he wears... love him !
5 years ago·Reply
@amyperalta well, @krissilva and saharjalpari9 are right.. this is just for his shows.. anyway, he's still the same man we love!^^ @minozphil very true! <3
5 years ago·Reply
@tinacame definitely supporting him all the way!
5 years ago·Reply