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BTS Is Slaying Everywhere! 👑😏

BTS really stands for "Born To Slay" xD Let me tell you why! :)
BTS reaches 2 Million followers on their Twitter account!  Congratulations my babies! :D Everyone loves them some Bangtan ❤ Link: Check out @BTS_twt's Tweet:
BTS 'I Need U' ranked #13 on Music Bank K-Chart on 160318! (Credit to Instiz) Link: Check out @instiz's Tweet: That's amazing, the fact that the song debuted last year and it still made it on the charts this year :)
BTS 'RUN' Japanese Version ranks 1st on the Oricon Charts! :D They did that LIKE A BOSS! xD Link: (Credit to Oricon)
BTS 'RUN' Japanese Version MV reached 1 Million views! Here is the amazing MV if anyone has not watched it yet :)  
BTS ranked #1 on the Gaon Weibo chart & Album " The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1" Period  (2016/03/07 ~ 03/13) (Credit to Gaon) Link:
Well Bangtan slayyys period in anything they do :] I'm so proud of them♡♡ BTS & A.R.M.Y.s FIGHTING! SWAGG $$ -Happy Sunday! ❤ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
I'm so effing proud that I'm literally about to cry like omf I'm so happy rn like yes bts, they worked so hard and it's being rewarded and noticed like aish
It makes me happy that in the Japanese version they are at least coming to terms with what pain scared their hearts and even their souls. It looked like suga what doing some soul searching in the mirrors. And how V chose to live instead of do things that could not only kill him but others. I am, just like you CreeTheOtaku SOOOOOO PROUDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!!
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