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Dark circles, dark spots, redness.

Oh my! If you have yet to be introduced to color correcting, the moment is now. Whether you're walking into your local beauty supply store or Sephora, color correcting is taking makeup routines to an entirely new level. There's a color correcting concealer to cure all of your pre-makeup worries.
Redness is my worst enemy, but once I got my hand on a color corrector specifically for redness, I kissed all my problems goodbye. Not only was my makeup flawless, but I didn't have to worry about my redness peeking through my foundation as the day progressed. If you're curious what color concealer would work for you based on your needs, keep scrolling and give the color wheel a big spin.

Why spin the bottle when you can spin the wheel?

Color Concealer: Pink

Best Used For: Brightening, specifically dark circles underneath the eyes

Color Concealer: Green

Best Used For: Removing redness and concealing fresh acne

Color Concealer: White

Best Used For: Highlighting, specifically the outer areas of your upper cheeks and outer corners of your eyes

Color Concealer: Orange

Best Used For: Works best for those with darker skin tones who want to concealer dark circles and spots.

Color Concealer: Purple

Best Used For: Adding a glow to dull skin tonesx

Color Concealer: Yellow

Best Used For: Giving a bit of color to your foundation and evening out your skin tone

Have you ever tried color correcting?

What color worked best for you?
You're very welcome @MyAffairWith
That's interesting. I've never heard about discoloration around the mouth before @humairaa
yes it really does! N it also help with the discoloration around the mouth for black girls. i don't have this problem but my friend is obsessed with this beauty tip! @jordanhamilton
I heard it works amazing!!! @humairaa
I use the orange colour to cover my dark circles!
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