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BTS' Experiment Collection
"Uh..." I sat there looking at KiYon's excited face, a face I couldn't turn down. "I'm not sure how though."
"Oh! I have an idea." KiYon pulled her phone out and scrolled through something. "Since they have to be with you all the time, you'll have to go to lunch with them a lot. If you could casually just suggest inviting me to lunch with them, it might work!" I nodded and pretended to be thinking hard.
"What about the fans?" I realized that the fans would be angry at me for taking "their" oppas. "We all know how kpop fans are. They'd probably beat me to a pulp if I were seen eating with them and freely talking to them."
"Found it." KiYon showed me her phone screen which showed Big Hit's official page. "In summary it says that you are their experiment, no one may interfere except officials, no photos, no interaction, to getting in between during feuds, and no threats towards you." She pulled her phone back and swiped a few more times on her screen. "Your face is on here too just to make sure that they aren't threatening the right person."
"That makes me feel so much better, thanks Kiki." I sighed.
"Ah, it's almost lunch time. Do you want to go out to lunch with me? I usually eat alone since people in the office don't exactly like me." She stood up and stretched.
"Why don't they like you?"
"I guess it's because I'm a bit unapproachable. The newbies are friendly with me at the beginning but find other people to get close to later. I don't really click with others very well and I can be moody." I nodded and also stood up. "Otherwise, they just talk to me about papers and such. I'm not really invited to parties that people throw for birthdays unless it's a company thing." She started to walk down the hall.
"Don't worry Kiki, I'll stay your friend, I won't leave you." I smiled brightly at her and continued to follow her to the front of the building. As we were about to walk through the doors Jimin called out to me. I looked behind me and saw Jimin and Yoongi running towards me and slowed down in front of me.
"Whew, I've been looking for you y/n. You weren't in the office we were told so we ran all around the building to look for you." Jimin doubled over while Yoongi sat on a nearby chair panting. "I've gotta call the others to tell them that I've found you." He pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed. "Hyung! I've found her, she was just about to leave the building. Yes. Alright, I'll have Yoongi call him, 'kay, bye hyung." He hung up and told Yoongi to call Jin and Jimin called Jungkook.
"Y~/N~!!!" I heard someone yell from across the big room. "Let's go to lunch! We were looking for you so we could go eat together." Jin and Namjoon walked towards me followed by the others. "Oh, hello there." Jin bowed to KiYon and looked at me. "Is this your friend? Have you already made friends?" I nodded and smiled to KiYon. She looked at me then to Jimin then back to me.
"Um, if you don't mind, could she come with us? I was going to go to lunch with her until Jimin found me." I looked at all of their faces to try to figure out what they were thinking. At first, they all looked concerned but smiled at each other.
"Sure, but make sure you don't get into trouble for going with us. If the media says anything we'll just say that she was there to make sure that nothing happened." Yoongi said somewhere in the corner. We agreed and walked out the door.
"Wah!" Hoseok yelled as soon as we were outside. "It's so nice out! We should eat at a food truck today. I heard that there's one down near the park. Let's go!" Hoseok leaped forward towards the park before anyone had the chance to say anything. None of us really cared where we ate as long as we got food and it was a really nice day outside. We shrugged at each other then ran to catch up to Hoseok.
We each ordered our own food then sat at two tables pushed together at the edge of the park. For the most part we only talked about how good our food was. I was in the middle of a bite when KiYon lightly kicked my foot. I looked at her and she nodded her head at Jimin who was right beside me. I kinda forgot that she wanted to get closer to him.
"Guys," I started. They all looked at me with wondering eyes and full mouths. "I don't think I've introduced you to my friend." I motioned to KiYon and she politely waved. "This is Lee KiYon. She's my supervisor and co-worker in the miscellaneous assistance division." The boys said warm greetings then went back to eating. Then we felt the raindrops. We didn't mind it at first but then it became a steady downpour which made us get up and move somewhere else. Most of our food was already finished so we threw away the rest of the food.
"Hey you fellas!" We turned around to see a small store and a middle-aged woman standing outside. "It's about to get bad, get over here before you all get struck dead!" We didn't hesitate when a clap of thunder roared in the distance. The woman held the door open as we ran inside one by one. "Let me go and get some towels for you all." She walked behind the counter then disappeared. We sat on some benches near the back while we waited.
"Eomma! Do we have visitors? I hear something downstairs!" We heard male voice say somewhere above us.
"Yes, they were getting drenched outside and I invited them in. I think that there's nine of them, seven handsome boys and two girls." The woman walked back out from the back and handed each of us a towel then walked to the back again. "Get down here and welcome them why don't ya?"
"Yes Eomma..." We heard gentle footsteps come down a flight of stairs somewhere in the back. "You all will get sick if you stay in those clothes." The man, er, boy, said when he saw us wrapped in the towels. He looked like her was around thirteen years old, possibly fourteen. "We have two showers so two of you can shower at a time. You and you can come shower first." He pointed to me and Jimin. "Follow me please. Eomma will dry your clothes as you shower and if you have your phones or wallets please give them to your friends." I gave my bag to KiYon and Jimin gave his things to Yoongi. The boy nodded to us when we handed our things and walked to the back.
Jimin tugged at my wrist but didn't say anything, he only looked at me with concern. The only one talking was the boy about the soaps that were in the bathrooms for some reason. We walked up two flights of stairs to a door with the word "Bathrooms" written neatly on it.
"I thought you said that you have two bathrooms. Why is there only one door?" Jimin asked him.
"Behind this door there are three doors." He opened the door and we saw a very small area that had three more doors just as he said. "The one on the left is mine and the one on the right is Eomma's" He gestured to each one. "You may be wondering what the other one is in the center, aren't you." He turned around and looked at us with a smirk. We both nodded as the boy scanned our faces then his expression changed into a scowl. "This room," He walked up to the door then opened it. There was a flight of stairs going down and a light bulb hanging down, and nothing else. "this room is a secret escape route in case something happens."
Both me and Jimin walked into the small space that leads to the various rooms. We heard a little click somewhere but dismissed it as the boy turning the light off in the one room. At the same time we knew that something fishy was going on and grabbed each others hands. The doors on either side of us opened and two people with faces covered appeared and covered our mouths instantly before we could scream. While one of them held us down the other tied our hands back behind us. Jimin and I were led down the stairs of the mysterious room by the masked people then passed to two other people.
"We got Jimin, eh? The Bangtan Cutie, Jimin. We sure got lucky today." The one said who was holding Jimin. "Put them in the truck." The four people that appeared upstairs began to beat us until we went unconscious. Jimin gave me a panicked look as I did the same then we both saw black.
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