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"Where are they? They've been gone all day" Suho said pacing around the living room Lay stood by the window watching Suho pace back and forth "I'm sure they're fine. Don't worry Suho" said Lay "Yeah, Chanyeol and Kris are tough. They can handle themselves." Luhan said laying down on the floor Suho sighed "I guess you're right. I'm worrying to much" Lay and Luhan nodded and turned their heads to see D.O walking in with his boyfriend Kim Jongin who was still a trainee and was to join the group in a few months. D.O looked at them "I don't get why you care so much about Kris. He left us and you're all taking him back in already. Have you ever thought of what he could do? He could leave us again without any warning" D.O said sitting down with his younger boyfriend Hearing what D.O said pissed Luhan off and no one likes to see Luhan pissed off. He stoof up and walked over to D.O grabbing him by his collar shocking Suho, Lay and Kai. "Look D.O, just because you don't like Kris doesn't mean we think like you do. Kris came back thinking he could trust us, but you had to go attack him and almost kill him by choking him! Now he only trusts Chanyeol. Now he doesn't trust us and it's all your fault D.O! We lost his trust because of you!" Luhan yelled pushing him on the floor and storming out of the room with Lay and Suho behind him. D.O started at Luhan while he stormed out of the room and stood up shaking his head "I can't believe they trust him already. It's only been a day" D.O said with an angrytone before taking Kai home