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[I have nothing else to do so this One-Shot came into mind % I decided to make it about Namjoon, because, why not? please enjoy! I will be posting random One-Shots randomly, maybe I will even take request. sorry, go ahead & read]
I was laying in the hotels' bed, thinking, about myself, more specifically, about my appearance. I was darker than the average Korean, my shoulders we're wider than most girls, I wasn't as thin as I would like to be and lastly, my height was a bit too tall for most girls. I felt good about myself. As I lay in bed thinking about life, my life itself walked through the door. It was my boyfriend, Namjoon, looking tired as always. "Rough day?" I asked as he locked the door behind him. "yeah." he sighed, nonetheless he smile at me. I sat up in bed as he kneeled against the edge of it to hug me. A little moment passed before I felt him slightly pushing us back against the bed. As he was laying on top of me, he hurried his face in my neck and closed his eyes. There were no tentative touches, no slobbery neck kisses, no words. Just our arms around each other and our body heat. After five minutes of being in that position, he looked up at me, "I love you" simple, yet so meaningful. "I love you too, Joonie" I said before we both fell asleep in each others arms.
THANKS FOR READING!! (1/7) Next is; Jungkookie ♡♥
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