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This is my first story post on Vingle, but this story and other's are on my Tumblr. I hope you enjoy! If you notice slight changes in it than the one on Tumblr I usually edit. So, please note that this is not copied off of Tumblr and that this is my real work.
My Tumblr account: taliamay14
As you stared off into space, your headphones blaring music. Your fingers tapping to the beat as you bobbed your head. Your little brother threw a pillow at your face to grab your attention.
"Yah! What was that for?" You yell, pausing your music and clutching the pillow in annoyance and anger. "Abuela and Mama want you!" He huffed out and fled quickly as you chased after him.
"Ahh! Mama make Y/N stop!" Your brother scream at the top of his lungs, running as fast as his little legs could carry him. You caught up to him in no time your arms around his waist. You pulled him off the ground and against your body, twirling with laughter.
"You two please stop annoying each other. B/N what did I say about being rude to your older sister?" Your mother said in a stern voice, giving you both the stink eye. "Now we have guest please have some manners" She quickly plastered on a small yet simple graceful smile, as she directed you to the living room.
Huffing you sat on the couch opposite of a group of men, they seem to be around your age. Your little brother joined you sitting on your lap as you played with his fingers. Glancing over at the boys your counted how many there were. There was at least 7, you hoped.
"Hola, Y/N como estas? (Hello, Y/N how are you?)" Your grandmother ask looking up from her magazine. Her gaze flickering between the boys and you. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, was your Abuela planning something?
"I am good, just cold a bit." You responded rubbing your bare legs as goose bumps pop up. You're wearing a thin burgundy sweater and basketball shorts, your hair up in a sloppy bun. Strands of your dark brown hair slightly fell towards your face.
"You wouldn't be cold if you keep wearing boy clothes! You need to be more feminine with make up!" Your mother call out as she stood next to your grandmother. Who was sitting in a wooden rocking chair creaking as it moved with her. You sigh and turned away, not wanting to argue your point of view.
"Any who this is Mark, JB, Jackson, Jr..." She paused trying to recall the names. "Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom"
"We are going to show them around town!" Your mother exclaimed with a clap of her hands, excitement rolling off of her in waves. "Poor things were lost!" She said with a small sympathetic smile. Looking over at them you caught two of them whispering between each other in Korean, you believe. It was JB and Jackson as you had recalled, you only knew a few words and phrases in Korean, still studying. All you heard was the word bet and girl with a few other things you didn't catch.
"At least Y/N can actually date one of these boys" Your grandmother stated during dinner. Which cause you to coke on the water you were drinking. Your little brother made an uncomfortable face as your mother sat their stunned, but pondering over it.
"Abuela!" You said in surprised, "NO, just no!" you quickly shook your head denying what she said. "Well its not a bad idea" Your mother said watching your expression as your jaw drop open. Your brother next to you reach over and closed it, then turn his attention back to his food. He did not want to be in the middle of this. You stood which made the chair scrape against the tile as you turn and ran up to your room. Slamming the door shut, you slid down it your mind wonder to your bad past of your first boyfriend and how he treated you.
Tears pricking at the corner of your eyes as your breathing got heavy. You shook your head to clear your mind of the bad thoughts. You grab your iPod for music, which is your safety blanket for tough situations.
After two days they arrived Jackson asked you to be his girlfriend. You were hesitant, but agree none the less. Though the first two days he was nice and made an effort, but afterward he became cold, mean, and distant. It made you feel like you were not even trying.
"Hey, Jackson do you want to go to the mall?" You asked softly waiting for him to give a response when he was done talking to his group.
"No" He answered emotionless, then laugh at something Jr. said, sighing you turn away, but caught JB gaze. Grabbing your bag you went to leave, but JB insisted on going with you. You hanged out going to different stores and trying on outfit, that each other picked out. Afterward you both went and grab lunch to eat at the food court. There you started asking JB questions about Jackson.
"Does Jackson not like spending time with me?" Curiosity was clawing at you wanting more like begging for answers. JB was very nervous and answered each question with precaution. It seemed as though he wanted to say something, but was conflicted. You finally gave up and decided to leave early. You reach your house confused to see a different car in the driveway, one you haven't seen before.
Upon entering the house there was yelling a lot of it. You carefully stepped into the room taking in a survey of what was going on. You saw your family friend T.O.P and his two other friends that you have met before.
"How fucking dare you use her like a bet!" T.O.P yelled barely being restrained by G-Dragon and Taeyang. You had never seen T.O.P this angry before he always kept his cool.
"Oppa" You called out softly and saw everyone tense in the room as they turn their attention to you. Your eyes widen when you saw Jackson's lip bleeding profusely. Walking up to Jackson you grab his arm and drag him to the bathroom and cleaned up his busted lip. Then brought him back to the living room with no words exchanged.
Everyone was silent as they watched you waiting for a reaction. "You should leave, you'll miss your flight" You said looking down and playing with your hands. Everyone hugged you and went to pack their stuff and got ready to leave. JB watched you feeling guilty that he did not tell you about the bet and found out the hard way. Jackson as well felt heart broken he came to enjoy your sweet, nice, caring attitude towards others. As well as the boyish yet out going nature around you.
Driving towards the airport they both never felt this broken in their life time. You turn to T.O.P and broken down crying in his arms. He held you as sobs racked your small delicate self. He felt so angry that he still was slightly shaking, but he wanted to take care of you first. GD and Taeyang as well enveloped you into their arms for safety.
Two years later you were visiting T.O.P in South Korea. You was wondering the streets taking everything in with interest. So in tune with gazing at everything you did not pay attention to the time as you had forgotten to eat. Walking into what seem like a local café you went up and order a meal and sat down by a window seat. You notice how empty it was inside, but pay no mind. Enjoying your meal you didn't hear the bell ring as someone entered.
"Y/N" Someone called out a very familiar voice. Looking up you eyes met with Jackson, he looked very different. His eyes had bags under them his skin was sickly pale. You were concerned very fast, not liking how his body swayed a bit as he stood. Before you know it his body collapsed to the floor as you panicked. You quickly called for the owner of the cafe to call for an ambulance.
In no time you arrived at the hospital with Jackson. They took him some where you didn't know, you quickly called Bambam. You kept in touch with all the boys, but Bambam the most. After telling him the location you quickly called T.O.P and spent the next few minutes being lecture as he drove to the hospital with all the boys.
Finally you were able to see Jackson as he laid in bed staring off to space. You walked carefully into the room not wanting to disturbed him.
"I missed you" He call out to which you paused your movement. "The doctor said I should be careful and not over work myself." He continued as he tilted his head towards the ceiling.
"I am so sorry" Tears run down his face as he talked. "I realized my mistake to late and lost something so beautiful and precious." Your heart burned at the confession your body filled with chills.
"Jackson, please" You begged uncomfortable with the situation. Not wanting to arise any future problems.
"I immersed myself in work so that you did not have to plague my mind. Yet you always seeped through the cracks. " He sighed and turn his head to look at you. Feeling entranced you walk over and stood next to him and wiped away his tears as he did the same for you. You rested you forehead against his for a moment.
"So beautiful." You hear him whisper before he kissed you. It was different then most it had held some much emotion that you sobbed all over again.
You heard a loud cough behind you and swiftly pulled apart to look at the door and see everyone grinning like cats. They quickly rushed over and engulfed you into a hug, then pulled apart to start chatting away. Jackson forced you to sit next to him on the bed as he had an arm around you and kissed the top of your head.
"I love you" He whispered into your ear.
"I love you too" You responded softly.
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