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So for this one, we will go red clothing article by red clothing article, starting at the top and working our way down to the bottom. We must analyze Jimin thoroughly guys!
Here is our Chim Chim in a red hat, and he is looking fiiiinnnne.
We have to include Jimin with his red hair! He rocked it!
(By the way Big Hit, the uniforms were a great idea. I would like to thank you on the behalf of all people.)
You are welcome.
Here is Jimin in a red jacket, looking sweet as can be!
How did that get there...
Now here is Jimin in a red shirt.
He looks so innocent; His eyes and mouth are just so alluring.
And here is Jibooty in red pants...
I have this picture on my ceiling. There is the proof in pictures 2 and 3. ^
My friend @CamrynCherry gave me a picture of it for my Birthday last year and put it on my ceiling. Thanks Camryn!
To finish, Jimin rocking some red shoes!
(I recommend that you check out those Jithighs while you are viewing)
His nips are always getting shown
So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.