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I hear wedding bells, or maybe that's just my alarm clock.

Just in case you missed the memo, yesterday was National Proposal Day. Yes, that day happens to be a real day and people from all over travel to special destinations to...well, propose. Whether they get turned down or not is another story.
Fellas, if you're waiting for the right time to pop the question or ladies, if you're in need of ways to hint to your lover, keep this date in mind for next year. Instead of sulking because you totally missed Nat'l Proposal Day, keep scrolling and check out some interesting info seen below.
In celebration of the holiday, the app Whisper decided to gather stats from it's ever so large user base and the results are actually pretty interesting.
Although March happens to be the national holiday, it seems like the least likely time of the year to get hitched with December in the lead [figures].

Are you into public proposals or more intimate proposals?

Spill the beans below. You never know, your future might be watching.
Intimate proposals. If anyone propose me publicly i might hate him for that!
Whaaaat crazy!! I didn't know this was a holiday!!
Public proposals are definitely not my thing hahaha I once worked with someone who used his proposal to boost his start up company! He knew he could make his proposal go viral and tied to closely with the product he was about to start. Sounds super lame to me but the two of them seem happy haha
I personally saw so many more Christmas-y engagements, but the New Year's ones are big too!
Lol definitely the cold weather or the perfect Christmas gift! Although I thought January would've been in the lead because of New Year's engagements @nicolejb
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