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I just got rejected from the school I really wanted to go to. I got into other universities but the only one I actually wanted to go to didn't accept me so I guess I'll be going to community college for two years before transferring. I honestly wasn't expecting to get in since I knew there were much better people also applying but it's still a bit disheartening to know that they flat out rejected me... I've already cried about it so now I'm planning on eating and watching dramas and comedies until I no longer feel sad about this. Spam me with as many funny/cute/sexy kpop things as you can!
@IsoldaPazo that actually really helped. I'm planning on applying to that university again in two years. Thank you for your words of wisdom!
Do not get discouraged if you were not accepted into your top choice of uni. You make the University/College not the other way around. You are meant to start wherever your second choice is, the first green light doesn't always mean go or good. Study hard, enjoy your time and grow in all aspects. You still get to grow educationally whether it's a community college or a 4 year university. Positive thinking equals positive thoughts (truly) and always have faith in yourself because only you can help yourself strive and succeed in whichever choice. Hope this helped you a bit.
On the bright side, community college and then transfer is probably going to be a lot less expensive for the same end result! Some community colleges are really nice (and not at all like Greendale).
@JustinaNguyen you got this
@xroyalreisx yeah I suppose I could try bringing that idea up but even if parents don't let me I suppose two years really isn't that long. I've waited ten years to get away so another two won't be too bad.
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