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The assassination classroom binge party was a success!! Thanks for everyone that joined and joined the talks too!! It was awesome and can't wait to do another NAKAMA!! You all made for a fun Saturday binge for me!! So thank you seriously!! Anime is life!! NAKAMA 4 life!!
@tylor619cruz Yea I do! I got so hooked on the anime I was left wanting more and then right under season 1 I saw there was a season 2 and watched all the episodes that are up to date 😁 @LuffyNewman Thanks for binge watch because this anime has become one of my favs! And yea the new episode is already out!!
I'm gonna watch it as soon as I'm caught up with fairy tail
Did you two know that there's a season two ?!?@LuffyNewman @AimeBolanos
it was fun
@AimeBolanos awesome NAKAMA!! Great binge then!! @tylor619cruz awesome too I'm glad and hoped you liked it sounds from the talk you did!! Thanks again and I'll def tag you guys in the next binge!! I'll choose a 11-13 epi anime so we can hopefully finish it!! I had a blast NAKAMA
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