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The assassination classroom binge party was a success!! Thanks for everyone that joined and joined the talks too!! It was awesome and can't wait to do another NAKAMA!! You all made for a fun Saturday binge for me!! So thank you seriously!! Anime is life!! NAKAMA 4 life!!
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@LuffyNewman Oh God have you seen the new episode?! Karma was just too cute!
@AimeBolanos I haven't seen this weeks yet but plan on it this afternoon or tomorrow during or after work. Def looking forward to it.
@LuffyNewman Im positive you'll like what's in storeπŸ˜†
Thanks for the warning that my feelings were going to be toyed with in Fairy Tail Zero πŸ˜“πŸ˜’, I wasn't ready 😭@AimeBolanos @LuffyNewman
@tylor619cruz Its ok *pats you on the back* your going to get better and move on..... Hopefully lol