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You haven’t even started to eat and now you don’t know if you could even swallow anything if you tried. Junho looks over at the phone, “Hmm…” and he turns to you in a whisper, “Damn, we’re hot.” Your eyes close as your head about hits the table in embarrassment. He chuckles and grabs your hand to give it a squeeze.
Junho passes JYP back his phone. “This could be a bit of bad publicity; if, we didn’t already know about it. We’ve been waiting for this picture to surface, now we have leverage and the advantage.” He looks over skeptically at Junho, “Have you explained to her what we have planned? She looks a little green and unsure.”
Junho shakes his head; “I told her that we’d discussed it; that you had it handled.”
JYP looks annoyed, “A bit of relationship and business advice; not smart. She needs to know, not only for her own piece of mind but so that our plan goes off without a problem.”
Junho has the grace to look sheepish and nods, “Understood. Sorry, I’ve been a little preoccupied.”
“So the world can now see,” Jun.K quips from the side, to the amusement and cat calls of the other members.
Can a hole in the floor just open up and suck you in? You should have guessed but are now just realizing how much involvement the entertainment company will have in your relationship. Junho takes the joking in stride, evens pretends to bow for them. He mouths over to Jun.K , ‘you’re jealous’ to which he gets back a raised eyebrow and a nod of agreement.
“Back to the subject,” JYP interrupts while looking at his watch, “you only have so long for lunch and if you go back late, that’s my dime too.” He focuses his gaze on you, “I will fill in were your new other half seems to have dropped the ball. The day after you were attacked we drew up a press release that JYPE confirms 2PM’s Junho is in a relationship. It further states that you were in an ‘accident’ and therefore, the couple has been waiting for you to heal, before taking and releasing any couple photos.” You nod at his words, your stress beginning to ease up just a little.
“In another day or two those bruises should be able to be covered by our make-up artists and the two of you will have an official couple shoot. We, of course, will allow a few behind the scene pictures to leaked out to the press.” He stops a minute with a slight frown, “This is where it gets tricky. We aren’t sure what reaction those photos will bring out in this individual. A simple necklace got you attacked. However, with everything official JYPE can take action on Junho’s behalf. A lawsuit is being prepared against AllKPop for defamation of character and not checking sources. We don’t want their money; we want their source of the picture. This has worked in the past; we’re counting on it working again. Once we have that source, the police can step in and do their jobs. Barring any more ‘accidents’ we should be able to have this terror wrapped up in the next couple of weeks.”
Wow, they do seem to have everything worked out. Your only concern is the possible backlash from the press photos, that make everything official. Junho squeezes your hand again, “You will always have someone with you. People we trust or that you are close to, we aren’t giving this person a chance at you again.”
“But what if they also hurt the person I’m with?" you ask the group. You look up to see all of them looking at each other; as if that idea hadn’t even occurred to them. You look over at the director who has been silent this whole meeting, “Sir? And my job? How is all of this going to affect it?”
The director looks over at you shocked, “Your job? Your job has never been in any danger. You are now and always have been one of the best gophers in our company. You’re proving yourself to be just as excellent of a P.A.. No, your job isn’t what we’re concerned about, your life is. The fact that this could be someone from our company; someone we brought with us? That infuriates me! No my dear, I’m part of the ‘keeping an eye on you group’,” he smiles.
“Thank you sir,” you aren't quite sure how to respond to all that. However, sitting next to you is a proud, smiling Junho at the compliments the director has just given you.
You look down at your watch and clear your throat. Everyone looks over as you tap your watch face, “That’s lunch. Reshoot starts in five minutes.” The director beams over at JYP, “See? What did I tell you?” JYP just looks at you with a smile and nods. You have no idea what that interaction is about but you’ve had it with being the center of attention and can’t wait to escape back to the chaos.
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