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Here are some of the most interesting gaming setups that I've seen on the internet so far. Which ones do you like the most?

1. The Almost A Car Setup

Say what you want about this one, but that seat looks super cool and comfortable.

2. The Neon Lights Setup

Why play in the dark when you can have rad neon lights to show off your gear?

3. The Screen All Around Me Setup

Similar to IMAX for movies, this one is ridiculously expensive. But worth it? Probably.

4. The One Screen Is For Noobs Setup

This looks badass but I would definitely fall asleep in that chair. It even has a footrest!

5. The Old School Cool Setup

Modern consoles are great and all but it's all about the classics, you know?

6. The I Have More Screens Setup

At some point, it's just one-upping by adding more screens. Sixteen is enough, right?

7. The I Broke A Car For This Setup

This is one way to put your old car to good productive use. Ultra realistic as well.

8. The Video Game Shrine Setup

Ideal for those who love to collect all kinds of merch. What better way to display it?

9. The I Work Out Too Setup

What better way to get work-out motivation than to play games at the same time?

10. The Ultimate PC Gaming Setup

Look at those adorable, tiny second monitors. Perfect for the PC gaming couple.

So, which ones are your favorite setups?

(PS. All images are linked to their source.)
Lol great post! The workout setup baffles me though, how does one play games while doing workout? if I'm focused on getting my character through the level, my legs will not paddle!
2 and 4 God danm it now I know where my tax money is going
I have been meaning to take a final pic of my set up and put it on vingle. almost on pair with what is here.
@Animaniafreak I don't have to coordination to work out and play at the same time lol so it baffles me too. @ZoilaObregon Awesome. I read that the setup cost around a grand, give or take~
1, 3 and 7 :)
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