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This year's 17th issue ofKodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine is revealing on March 23 that the Fairy Tail television anime series has a new project in the works. The announcement did not give any more information about the new project. The current anime season will air its last episode on March 26, after premiering in April 2014. The anime season had aired an adaptation of the Fairy Tail Zeroprequel manga between January 9 and March 11. The first television anime series aired between 2009-2013. Hiro Mashima's original manga has also inspired several video anime adaptations, including upcoming anime that will ship with the manga's 55th and 56th volumes in May and July, respectively. A second anime film has also been green-lit after the first one premiered in August 2012. Mashima's manga has also inspired several spinoffmanga, as well as a stage play that will run in Tokyo from April 30-May 9. Funimation is releasing both anime series in DVD/Blu-ray Disc sets, and has also released the film on home video. Kodansha released the manga's 54th compiled book volume in Japan on Thursday, and Kodansha Comicswill publish the manga's 53rd volume in North America on March 22. Crunchyroll has streamed both television anime series, and it is also releasing new chapters online as they are published in Japan.
@KennethReaves noooooo wtfffffff. I hope so too bc I have so many manga moments I wanted to see animated. ugh .
I think it does mean the anime is over, hopefully it's just on a break for a few weeks, because if it's done forever the I will die of saddness
I'm confused. they make it sound like the aren't going to air any more episodes of Fairy Tail... please tell me I'm wrong. I heard they were just going to take a small break.