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Title: Under Your Skin Chapter: 3/?? Genre: angst/drama/fantasy/wolf AU Rating: PG14-NC17
The moon was disappearing again into the darkness of the night, the air getting colder and heavier. It was that time of year again where the shack was closed earlier, heaters inside being turned on and more blankets being stolen. It was that time of year again where Kyungsoo and Yena had to constantly shift into their wolves to stay warm, huddled together, noses underneath each other’s tails. It was also that time of year again where packs from all over would gather and find their mates. The time of year Kyungsoo always dreaded. They were always left behind, despite the rule for all packmates old enough to attend the ritual. Though then again, not all packs attended since some went with the traditional law of mating within the pack, which altered some of their fates for better or worse. The excuse was always that Kyungsoo and Yena were left to watch over the pups, but they were never let anywhere near them and the elders were always the ones to stay as well. That left them with the impression that either the pack didn’t want their genes to spread or they were embarrassments to the pack, which really shouldn’t be a factor, but it was. It was usually during this time that Hyungwoo, one of the young fighters of their pack, tried to mark Yena for himself. It amazed Kyungsoo how much strength he had to fight the stronger wolf off, to keep him away from her. “I can protect myself, you know,” she huffed, tending to one of his wounds from a recent scuffle. “You should really save your strength for something more important.” “What are you talking about? You are important,” he muttered, wincing from each drag of her tongue against his injuries. “Don’t give me that crap. I understand you want to help, but stop getting hurt for my sake. I didn’t ask for you to protect me.” He stared at the ground, eye twitching every once in awhile. She didn’t need to ask, didn’t need to utter a word. He would risk his life for her without hesitation, but the problem was that if he did she would probably kick his ass herself. That wouldn’t be very fun. She took one final drag of her tongue across his skin, making sure the wound was closed properly. “Listen, Kyungsoo, my only concern right now is that you’re still intact and breathing so that you can go to the pack gathering and finally leave—” “I’m not leaving unless you leave with me,” his wide eyes stared at her, lips pressed closely together. “No one can guarantee that we’ll leave together, and you know that. Stop being stubborn.” “Either way it doesn’t matter, we’ll never get to go. We’re disgraces. Nobody wants us.” “That’s a lie and you know it is. I don’t remember much from my last pack but even though I was small, everyone was nice and caring. This pack hates us for no reason only because they want to look the best. They care about the biggest and strongest looking wolves to intimidate all the other packs around us.” He said nothing in response, only continued to stare at her with unmoving eyes. Her shoulders slumped as she sighed. His stubbornness was going to get him killed one day. “Look, I don’t like the idea of us being far away either, but it’s something inevitable. And the odds of us being near each other, let alone in the same pack, is about two thousand to one. Those aren’t very nice odds. So I want you to get out of the mindset of us being attached to the hip, okay? For your sake and mine.” Kyungsoo stayed silent, but on the inside he was hurting. Just the mere idea of being in different packs upset him, but the thought of being in different countries or even on opposite sides of the world made his wolf want to curl up and cry. Yena felt the misery seeping from his skin, saw the suppressed sadness his eyes held and the urgent need for him to curl up next to her for as long as he could. She knew his habits by now, some he didn’t even know he had, and paid more attention to the littlest of details of his mannerisms than he did to hers. She knew what each look meant, what each twitch and each jerk meant, what each sound meant; she knew him better than he knew himself. Slowly she ran a hand through his hair, paying attention to rub a spot behind his ear that she knew comforted him. In the back of her mind her wolf was screaming, screaming at her to never let him go, never let him get hurt again. She wanted to follow those orders but she knew that wasn’t right. The day of the new moon would be soon; the day of the gathering would be near and neither of them knew whether they would attend or not. Their final moments together might be limited. The sun rose as slow as it could, in Kyungsoo’s mind at least. He dug his muzzle further into the black fur of Yena’s tail, not wanting the bite of cold on his delicate nose to rudely awaken him. His ear twitched, and beady eyes blinked the cloudiness away, letting a small yawn escape his mouth. Yena’s tail flicked over his muzzle, shifting away as her legs pushed against him in a stretch. The cold was unwelcoming in a way that was familiar yet foreign. The warm slowly faded as the black wolf rose away from him, shaking her body to get the blood flowing again. She nudged Kyungsoo to get up, kicking him with a hind leg every so often until he rose with reluctance. The sun hadn’t even rose above the treetops before he and Yena were out and about, back to their morning routine of trying to catch prey, which ended up a little more successful than it was a few weeks ago. They ate and they bathed, watching as the rivulets of blood around their mouths was washed away by the soft river currents. They were silent for the most part, exchanging a few glances here and there but nothing else. After fur was replaced with skin and claws replaced with fingers, they sat under their familiar tree just outside of the campgrounds. The tall dogwood filled with red leaves already dying, that has probably been here for decades already, covered a good amount of grassy flooring amongst its roots and provided shade, even if it was cold enough as it was. This was their tree, the tree Kyungsoo grew attached to after discovering a bloody Yena all those moons ago. This tree was another one of those things he didn’t want to let go of, but he could part with it after recognizing the signs of his dear tree dying. He hoped this tree could wither away only after they left this pack. His mind held too many concerns, too many worries that he couldn’t get rid of. What if she goes with a pack to some country that’s way too far away? What if her pack doesn’t like her? What if she gets stuck with this pack for the rest of her life? What if he never gets to see her again? His eyes moved over to her position, drawing shapes into the roots and pulling grass out of its spots in the ground. Her toes dug into the dirt, wind softly swaying her hair from side to side. She could feel his eyes on her but hers remained downcast, not wanting to increase what tension was between each other and allowing it to snap. She wanted to stay next to him, feel the warm radiating from his body, to keep his scent in her mind. It drove her crazy; the thought of not seeing him again after tonight bore into her mind. Another person dear to me, leaving me. They wanted this silence to last, wanted to stop time and stay with this feeling, wanted to die like this, just to have this feeling as the last thing they will remember. The sound of each other’s hearts shattering was audible when a howl rang in their ears, signaling their time for departure. Quickly, yet as slow as they could, they made it back to camp to be met with several angry stares, snarls, and threats. Kyungsoo’s wide eyes stared in confusion. The alpha of the pack pushed through and stood in front of them, but didn’t bother looking directly at them. They weren’t worthy of their leader’s glances. “You two, you’re coming with us to the gathering. No questions asked.” And just like he came, he left. They looked at each other with concerned eyes, but followed orders nonetheless. The ones old enough to go gathered in the clearing, shouldering their way past the two and pushing them towards the side. Kyungsoo looked at Yena, gaze mixed between confusion and concern. Her eyes were locked onto their alpha, Seunghyun, and Kyungsoo could see the anger swirling behind the shimmer of hope. His heart sank; will this really be their goodbye? The pack was on the move. Quickly they made their way through the forest, shoes and feet crunching the old autumn leaves into the dirt. Yena and Kyungsoo staggered behind, their frail bodies trying to keep up to the best of their abilities. Over giant tree roots and fallen dead trees, through the undergrowth and passed the brushes. None of them have eaten all day, as is part of the tradition, so when any of them caught scent of prey, a growl would cut through the silence of the night or claws would carve marks into a nearby tree out of frustration. The trek lasted about an hour, and when the moon was halfway into the sky, the group could see the clearing coming into view. “Finally!” One of the younger ones yipped, dashing past Seunghyun and into the clearing. Some other packs were already there and waiting; some neighboring packs,others from different countries. Once the rest of the pack entered the clearing, they made their way to the side. Each pack was part of a certain section that was ruled over by a greater pack, and in each gathering, they had to stand in the area their section leader stood in. Their leader hadn’t arrived yet, and Kyungsoo could see Yena become jittery. “Are you nervous?” The wide eyed male asked. Yena looked at him for a second, hesitant on stating on how she actually felt. She just nodded, afraid of allowing her voice to crack. She kept secrets, and he knew she did, but something wasn’t adding up for him and he needed to know why. He laid a finger against her arm, giving her time to react in case she didn’t want contact. She didn’t budge, which gave him a bit of relief, before he placed his whole hand against her arm. He could feel the small twitches of her fingers and the claminess of her skin. His brows furrowed in concern, but he’d leave her as she is unless something happened. Kyungsoo looked around him, taking in all the sights and scents. He could see some being held back from running to their destined mates. In this ceremony, if you smelled something absolutely mesmerizing and breath-taking, then you’ve found your mate. It seems some have found them, but they couldn’t interact until all the leaders arrived and announced the beginning of the ceremony. Kyungsoo is slightly glad he hasn’t smelled anything yet, but it was still overwhelming being here. He didn’t realize he was holding Yena’s hand until he felt her fingers tighten around his. He looked down at their hands for a second before a howl erupted from somewhere past the trees. One of the leaders is coming. Their leader. All packs in their section stood at attention, watching as a large group pushed past the trees, the main alpha at the front. The sight was astonishing, something surreal. Kyungsoo was amazed at how much power just radiated from the group, even at how far they were from them. Seunghyun stood tall, greeting their leader along with the alphas from the other packs. Keeping up the cool demeanor, their leader walked past them without so much as a glance, taking his position on the raised hill where the rest of the leaders were to gather. Yena took a deep breath, pupils widening as if a sudden realization has washed over her. Her legs jerked, hesitant on whether to walk forward or not, and her fingers gripped tighter onto Kyungsoo’s hand. He looked over at her, wide eyes full with concern. “What’s wrong?” She never took her eyes off of their leader. “Home..”
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