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Uhg the newest addition to the list who is killing me!!!
Kai/Kim Jongin my exo bias who kills me all the time!!! ahhhh
V/Kim Taehyung My BTS bias!!! ahhh he's just uhg!! like he's cute and then extremely sexy like stawpppp!!!
Kim Jaejoong!!! My ultimate bias!!! I love him so and he ruins me every day!! hes in the army right now!! hwaiting Kim Jaejoong!! <3
Seventeen's Jeonghan!! My other ultimate bias!! Love him!!! I can't wait until they come back!!
Park Jinyoung of Got7!! He's just uhg I can't!!
Taeyang/Youngbae of Bigbang is my first ever bias!!
Kim Jonghyun of Shinee!!! Just uhggg!!!! So sexy!!!
awesome list! and nice name ;)
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Thx same to u lol ;)
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love the list and love that someone else lives Jae Joong as much as I do
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