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Kris and Chanyeol had gotten back to the dorm late and passed out in Chanyeol’s room after a long day. Kris fell asleep before Chanyeol. Chanyeol smiles at Kris who was sleeping soundly. “He looks so cute when he sleeps” said Chanyeol quietly as he was going to change his shirt Kris stirred a bit while sleeping and Chanyeol went to his bed to sleep Later in the middle of the night… Kris was basically kicking in his sleep which made Chanyeol wake up from hearing rustling sheets “Kris? Are you okay?” Chanyeol asked sitting up on his bed “No. No. Leave me alone” Kris mumbled in his sleep Chanyeol got out of bed and went to Kris to try and wake him from his nightmare he was having. “Kris, wake up” Chanyeol said shaking Kris who had started sweating from his dream Kris felt someone shaking his shoulder and as his eyes fluttered open he saw Chanyeol staring down at him “Chanyeol?” Said Kris with his vision still a bit blurry from waking up “I’m here. Are you okay? You seemed like you were having a horrible nightmare just now” Chanyeol said while looking at Kris Kris looked at Chanyeol and nodded “I’m fine, it wasn’t a bad nightmare” Chanyeol looked at him “Are you sure?” Kris nodded “I’m sure. Sorry I woke you up” “It's okay” Chanyeol said going back to his bed but a hand grabbed his. He turned around and saw Kris holding his wrist Kris looked at him “Can you stay by me tonight?” Chanyeol looked at him and nodded “Sure” he said laying next to Kris Chanyeol wrapped his arms around Kris who snuggled up closer to him and buried his face in Chanyeol’s neck Chanyeol knew he would have to tell Kris that he loved him sooner or later and he knew now was the right time to tell him “Kris, I have something to tell you” said Chanyeol Kris looked at him “Hm?” “Kris, ever since our trainees day I’ve always loved you, but I didn’t say anything because you were with Tao. Then when you left EXO and went back to China I was broken, but I knew you made the right choice, Kris. I know that I’m confessing now after 3 years but I’ll understand if yo-” Chanyeol got cut off To be continued... @nnatalieg @aliendestina @ShinoYuki @JessicaEvaristo @tiffany1922 @KaeliShearer @JackieG1617 @RedChord @luna1171 @shellyfuentes70 @marisamusic @UnnieCakesAli @GriseldaZenger @AbbyRamey @JohnEvans @AaliyahNewbell
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