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Crossing the bridge for the upmteenth time.
It's the one that leads to you pretty baby

and I want to talk to the boss,
yes you girl.

You give me a fever. And Christopher
Walken said
the only prescription is more cowbell.

I think cowbell must be code for happiness or something....something,

....where were we. Oh yes,
we can run. And we can hide. But the beautiful soul vibration
only intensifies

when I whisper in your ear. Its love darlin' it's love of the most magical sort.

Ain't no more runnin' away. Cuz I'm crossin' that bridge, back,

back to your beautiful heart, seein' if you're still on the other side.

But the fear merchants, they try to stop me. Make me doubt, you know, turn and


like before.

They even want soul currency to let me cross.
Told them my account was running low.

Then I asked....

Who are you?? And they answered....
Christopher Walken's people.

So I channeled the mechanical man.
And he said turn on the radio,

then he gave me the go ahead.
But I found out....
sad endings, they don't sound so good when you're stuck,
stuck in a land
where the radio only plays b sides.

So here I am, stuck.
Stuck on this bridge, trying to get across; and its dark now, and I can't see you on the other side

through the songs,

they're too foggy.

I heard the radio again. Steve Miller chanting ~ time keeps on slippin, slippin, into the future;

tic toc tic away sweet baby.

Where are you? Is
that you holding the lamp walking away?


I can see now, through the door in your eyes. There's no pain inside.

And I don't know how
how I got to the other side of this bridge,
in this world;
nothing but oceans, oceans of time
on the other side.

And the sea is stormy.
And the road that leads to the sea is weary.
And I just wanted to touch the light again.
feel the heat of your beautiful heart
And I thought there was a key to unlock the door,

but Christopher Walken's people,
they said
I can never see the light
the bridge
its on the other side, its the other side of time,