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I haven't met somebody so warm and funny. I love your stories. I love how you just being so strong. I'm glad you are not giving up. I had a friend that couldn't handle life Situations. But you have shown me that not only are you strong but your heart is. and I love you for that
I love to write more then anything, but reading your stories made me inspired. I hope one day you take this life changing and make into something big. If you make it into a book, ill turn it into a movie. I want everybody in the world to see a beautiful heart girl like you (including G-Dragon) lol
If you feel lonely just look at these pictures of the goofies guys I know.
I know this guy is your bias (and if not I'm sorry lol) here you go all that smile. Just sit back and look at that smile lol
aww see how much T.O.I loves you lol we all love you. @BBxGD fighting love you keep your head high :-) <3<3<3<3
@BBxGD aww years are coming down my eyes **Ghost hug You may not feel it, But its there.**
awwww. thankszzz love. and its ok.. i know deep down in ur heart in there as u are inside of mines. Im glad i inspire you so much 😍 and yes GD is my ultimate Bias.💖 I love this card. thanksz love