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I thought I had it all figured out! I love eunhyuk from super junior, he's the ultimate that's it
then this thing popped into my life! I was dead set, ok, he's it. He's bae. bottom line.
NOW I HAVE AN EXTRA ISSUE! Exo......chanyeol came into my life and was all perfect too....I thought I'd add him to my list but then BAEKHYUN had to come into the picture and be all lovable
AND I'M SITTING OVER HERE LIKE THIS!!! Does anybody have any advice on how to get my life together?????
@AubriePope Wae??? Wae must they be perfect
@AubriePope it is a never ending cycle
@merryjayne13 ikr! I've accepted that every time I fall in love with a group this will happen, but when there's one person in a group that you love and you have it set that they are it....THEN THIS NASTY LITTLE IRRELEVANT PERSON SHOWS UP AND SLAPS ME IN THE FACE *cough* byun baekhyun!
I'm still trying to get my life together, it's not working out well, once I think I've calmed down from one the other pops saying "Hey remember me, yeah you love me you know it, come on" *wink wink* ugh seriously
@Kpossible4250 gurl this is about dead. they are all perfect...I give up
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