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Another great week in our March event - Fantasy Kpop!

Thank you to all the participants who celebrated our AMAZING leaders!

Awesome Card Creators:

Check out all their awesome cards: HERE!

Awesome Commenters:

Up Next: March 21 - March 27

4D Week

This week is all about the crazy members that always keep you on your toes. They're talented, funny, a little insane, and definitely adorable. Share your favorite members and moments for 4D Week!
Examples of 4D members to show love to: V, Jackson, Chanyeol, Hani, Hyuna!
Check the full schedule HERE!

Who is in!?

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@ChaErica yes!!! and after that is Rapper Week! (the last week of this event!)
@kpopandkimchi Okay hopefully I find the time this week. I have a huge final portfolio due for my web design class!
I'm in! You cannot forget about Dongwoo! His 4D is just too awesome!
V doesn't like being called Alien or 4D
Yay!!! 4D week!!!! I need to get working on that cx