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To back the hell off because I've spent the last three days just watching random videos of them and I'm not willing to be dragged into another fandom just yet...I mean EXO just dragged me into their fandom, same with Astro, I'm not ready!
Tell it to Mr. Kim Kibum mostly as well...I mean I'm on episode 3 of Hello Baby and...I just can't with him and his potential dad ways.
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@Miss148 *whining* but I like too many grooooups! It's gotten to the point that I sometimes forget who's in BIGBANG..
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Sorry....but once SHINee has you, you're done for. Minho and Onew....oh my....
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@JaxomB ...fuck...
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SHINee is bias group 馃挄馃挄
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@megancurrent9 they managed to pull me in against my will. It's that fucker Kibum's fault
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