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First of all, thank you @sophiamor for writing a thought card on marriage. I am still dipping my foot into marriage life as a newly wed. I was inspired to create a collection to share some life-change quotes that has particularly encouraged me to stay humble and look outside of my scope in everything. Since I was talking about relationship, I will commence with this quote.

"It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." –Friedrich Nietzsche

Have you ever heard of a saying that a girl and guy can't be best friends? Growing up I never really had any close friends that are guys. I had two relationships before marriage and that was during high school. A big reason why those two relationships didn't work out was because we were not best friends. Yes, I had feelings for them in the beginning but feelings are arbitrary. However, feelings could vanish any moment without you realizing when it happened. Before dating them I didn't know them that well. We didn't go to the same school but met a park while playing tennis. After dating, I realized I didn't like their personality and habits so I ended the relationship immediately. I was pretty cold. I didn't want to drag things out or lead them on. Both relationships lasted for several months and I never dated again until sophomore year of college. Here's the story: I met my husband at a yogurt shop nearby our university. We became friends for almost a year before dating. He was the first guy I actually opened up to. I wasn't afraid of teasing him, I enjoyed his sense of humor, and I there were times I cried in front of him because I was stressed out with family problems. Our relationship wasn't all that smooth though. He had to leave the country after we dated for about a year. Things were super rocky and we called it off because we couldn't communicate. We still kept in touch through snail mail and occasional email. After about 4 years I relocated to his town for a new opportunity and the rest is history.
What I learned in marriage life: He's still my best (guy) friend and although we argue sometimes because of our indifferences we always try to resolve things together. If you found someone that saw the worst of you, still willing to stay with you and shower you with encouragement -- congrats, don't let that person go.
@sophiamor 27 years?! That's amazing!
This is SO important! When I look at my parents I wonder how they have stayed so happy for 27 years and its clearly because they've been best friends since the beginning. It is expected that the nervous/excited love we feel in the beginning of a relationship will fade, but friendship will always remain!
So true.