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Sunday evenings are reserved for pampering.

I always look forward to Sunday's because I know that the evening time is all mine. Whether I'm relaxing with a deep conditioning treatment on my hair or a mask on my face while I catch up on some of my favorite shows, I look forward to this time well spent with myself.
This past weekend I stumbled in Target and as we all know, no one can ever leave Target empty handed -- I'm a living testament. I've been on the hunt for an amazing charcoal mask these past couple of weeks and low and behold I stumble across one for literally two dollars *break dances*.
Disclaimer: please don't judge my 'avatar-esque' look
Sunday rolled around and I couldn't want for 'me time' so that I could throw this baby on my face. I've been breaking out a lot lately so I figured this might do the trick -- so I've heard. I immediately begin to plaster the mask on my face making sure to focus most on my problem areas and when I tell you this mask literally felt like a breath of fresh air.
Not only was it cool, but I could feel it working up until the point I rinsed it off. My face felt fresh and clean. I would definitely recommend this mask to anyone who just wants to do an at home facial or wants to focus on some pesky breakouts. Trust me when I say, this mask literally changes lives.

Have you ever tried a charcoal mask?

Would you give this particular brand a try?
Great!!! :) @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton I sure will
Yes! It was less than $2. Def let me know what you think of it @MyAffairWith
I have not!! But I'm curious now! I'll give it a whirl as well!
I kinda like the contrast between the two. I'm good with the size they are at the moment lol @humairaa
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