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“I’ll understand if yo-” Chanyeol got cut off by Kris who kissed him I’ve been waiting for you to say that Chanyeol” said Kris Chanyeol looked at him “You have?” he asked “It’s my turn to confess” said Kris Chanyeol looked at him sitting by him “I’ve always loved you Chanyeol. Even when I was with Tao I still loved you, but you were with Baekhyun at the time so I didn’t say anything either. I stayed with Tao because I knew I wouldn’t have a chance with you, but then I filed the lawsuit and Tao left me because he didn’t want to date a quitter. That’s when he went to Baekhyun and stole him from you. Chanyeol, I really do love you, but do you love me back the way I love you?” Kris said Chanyeol nodded and smiled “I do love you the way you love me” Kris hugged Chanyeol and asked him “Chanyeol? If you had to chose between me or Baekhyun, who would you pick?” “I would pick you” Chanyeol answered him looking at him “If you had to pick between me or Tao who would you pick?” Chanyeol asked Kris Kris chuckled and smiled “I would pick you of course” Chanyeol smiled and wrapped his arms around Kris not letting him go “I wouldn’t want anyone else but you Chanyeol. I would die if something happened to you and I wasn’t there” said Kris holding Chanyeol hanyeol looked at Kris “I wouldn’t want anyone else either Kris. I would only want one giant and that’s you” he said looking up Kris smiled “Chanyeol?” Chanyeol looked at Kris again “Yeah?” “Will you be my boyfriend?” asked Kris Chanyeol beamed and his heart raced “yes” he said to Kris Kris smiled and kissed him while Chanyeol laughed a bit “Kris and Chanyeol huh? Enjoy it while you can, because you won’t have Chanyeol for long Kris” To be Continued... @nnatalieg @aliendestina @ShinoYuki @JessicaEvaristo @tiffany1922 @KaeliShearer @JackieG1617 @RedChord @luna1171 @shellyfuentes70 @marisamusic @UnnieCakesAli @GriseldaZenger @AbbyRamey @JohnEvans @AaliyahNewbell
@UnnieCakesAli you're actually wrong there 😂
@aliendestina I do not look cute in glasses
Erm sorry to be a random comment I between your talk but could you please tag me in this if there is anymore of it.
@aliendestina ._. makes me look like a nerd makes me look 10x smarter than average #mylife
@aliendestina I never wear my glasses
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