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while watching TOP doing push up.
GD was... looking at...
Hahahhha.... I think you know.. what is he looking at....
His hands of course.... you girls weren't thinking something dirty right?
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Very honest answer.... I was think Booty... or his undie might be showing...
2 years ago·Reply
And in that moment, we all wished we were GD. He had the best view in the arena.
2 years ago·Reply
its all about that booty... id cup and squeez that booty oh yessssss.. is that weird? ... its weird... *walks away* oh and!!! want to laugh check out mt recent post... youll have a great laugh!!! cx i think o.e ... i know i did. haha.
2 years ago·Reply
@KatMejia It is not weird. I'd be right there with you, if given the chance. I regret nothing.
2 years ago·Reply
lets do dis, you get one cheek i get the other. 🙌@SatinSkies
2 years ago·Reply