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Sooooo this is weird or surprising.. Apparently tattoos in Japan are associated with Yakuza and are seen as taboo in the Japanese society. Work places force you to cover them up same as in America (which I don't get either way), baths are a no, n pools. water parks are also a no in Japan. Read the article to get the full understanding, click the photo.
Now I understand why Homra was compared to Yakuza even though they arent at all. Each member has the flame tat on them. They were basically just guys who fooled around n were like the underground police force.. Wow Japan... Just wow..
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I've read about this. I've also heard that they are becoming less strict on this ban, and only banning certain types of tattoos. I've always wondered what it would be like to go to Japan, being a woman with tattoos, one of which is a female grim reaper.
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its kinda died out. but its been like that for a long time in Japan. there r some bath house that still dont let people wit tattoos due to that reason. that is why you dont see a lot of Japanese wit tattoos.
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