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Ye Rin Mok is a Korean born, Los Angeles based photographer. Her photographs have a dreamy and quiet thoughtfulness to them, as if she’s allowing you to peek into a private moment or fantasy. The muted colors and simple compositions make you feel like you’re in a familiar place. Her minimalist style draws interest by creating immediate and straight forward images that also stir a number of emotions in the viewer. The familiar place, the nostalgic feeling. She’s showing us the details many look over. Ye Rin’s photographs have appeared in the film Hard Candy and she has a variety of clients that include Bust, Dwell, Nylon, Spin, and W.
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Wow , her work is really nicee ! those little things you would never notice if you travel to Paris. Peopple tend to look out more for the biggest thing !
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@Tapsamai : yah me too, i really love those small detail that she added to her photos. I
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