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I usually consider myself a people person only because its weird to tell your potential employer that you're a "food person."

Here are a few things only my fellow food lovers will understand...

1. You CAN be in a romantic relationship with your food.

2. Food will never let you down.

3. Food is thicker than blood.

4. You can get through anything with the right kind of food.

5. Violence provoked by food crime is excusable.

6. Places without food are not places worth visiting.

7. Like is not a strong enough word to describe your relationship with food.

8. Things are only awkward if you make it awkward.

9. Your mind is only in one place at all times. FOOD.

Please tell me I'm not alone here!

@SeoInHan an ICEE!? Seriously!? hahahah! I'm like that with fruit. Like, I'll try to be nice and ask if someone wants some of my strawberries but really i want them all to myself ahahha
not alone. I get so cranky if I don't have my food (if I don't have an icee every day know what I don't even know because I might die). Not only do I get cranky but I get pretty violent. I do not share food!
@JPBenedetto thats so awesome! a part of me really really wants to go to culinary school one day but it sounds like MUCH harder work than I think I'm prepared for hahaha
Sooo glad I'm not alone. I not only like to eat it, I live to create it, play, concoct, feed every one I can, in any way possible. I threw my first neighborhood "dinner party" at 14. Became a firefighter, cooked in the firehouse *yay*, then finally went to culinary school. Yep, my life is about few things - people and food! (and animals) ♡♡
@sophiamor I feel ya girl, I really do lol
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